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Glyptics from Unit J7

Caitlin Chaves Yates – October 2010

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A clay cylinder seal

The q-item q56.6 is the only object with any glyptic significance in J7. It was poorly made and incised. It may be a template for a seal cutter. A clay fragment (q56.7) may have been a piece of a sealing and it retains a fingerprint but no glyptic material.


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The cylinder seal preserves some of the iconography, although it is difficult to see. The scene is composed of four elements - 3 figures and a tree. One figure, to the right of the tree is seated, the other two figures are standing. One standing figure is facing the seated figure while the other faces the tree. It appears to be a worship scene.

See q56.6 for a full description of the worship scence depicted on this cylinder seal.

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According to M. Kelly-Buccellati q56.6 is in the typical style of the Post Imperial Akkadian period.

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