Unit Book J7

J7 Synthetic View / Conservation

Storage for Unit J7

Giorgio Buccellati – September 2008

    Objects that do not have museographic value, including sherds as well as samples, are stored as organized collections in the Expedition House.

    More than 300 items from unit J7 are found there (excluding sherds).
    Some of the objects are marked as missing in the record. This is unfortunately frequent in the case of J7, because the excavation preceded the final establishment of the Collections. As explained elsewhere, this does not necessarily mean that the items in question have been lost, but only that they have not yet been cataloged, or that they have been misplaced, or that they have been discarded.
    We have retained a reference to these objects even though they have no documentary value (see, e.g., J7q275.2), other than simply attesting the existence of a given piece. This is done in deference to our principle of full transparency.

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