Unit Book A9


Processed on 2023-08-22



Roster Date Author Record
Description (summary) 1999-06-23 jl A2, unsure k or f#, adopted by A9 [Input: J625JL.j]



Roster Date Author Record
Daily notes about recovery of elements 1999-06-28 jlw continuing to excavate the platform of accumulations to the north of the wall separating Sectors B and F. Seeing an occasional hint of what may have been floors and packing, but since we were looking for a wall we did not thoroughly document each one as we might have. The changes were subtile. After breakfast, when we became aware of the stratigraphy available in the unexavated doorway immediately to the south that had been covered with burlap and plastic for several years, we began excavating that, a17, to attempt to link the two sectors. [Input: J628JLW.j]
1999-07-02 jlw covered doorway, a17, and sherd floor, f120 to preserve these delicate features. Postponed excavating a17 as proposed by gb a few days ago in order to expose more of f120, if it exists. [Input: J702JLW.j]
1999-07-04 jlw when excavating the last 25 cm of k128 (the platform in the NE corner) found a hard-packed surface under which was fill, underwhich was a sherd and pebble layer. Suspended excavation of this to prepare a section for a photograph. If this is a floor, it would mark the first level of post-AK occupation. However, it could also be the foundation for an eastern retaining wall to accompany a wall which was part of post-AK houses built above and excavated in A2 in 1997. This part of A2 was incorporated into A9 for this excavation season in order to have access to what we believe was a major couryard. Ceased excvating this portion in order to prepare for a photograph of this possibly stratigraphically interesting set of features (floor f132, fill f133, layer f134 and wall f135). [Input: J704JLW.j]
1999-07-05 jlw excavated the area just to the north of the doorway a17. The goals were to determine the western extent of a line of stones , f117, that extends northward from the east end of the doorway; and to excavate an ashey layer f116 that extends directly north from the doorway. Excavating from the east face of the stones, at first it was difficult to discern the depth of f116 and some mixing with a more red layer, f138, under it probably occurred. Changed q-lots as soon as we could pick up f116 to keep the sherds properly segregated. [Input: J705JLW.j]
1999-07-08 jlw ashy layer continues in much of the east part of locus. We are approaching the stone wall/threshold, f117, that may help define the use of the large open space that encompasses at least parts of k3, k4, k5, k6, k7, and k9. [Input: J709JLW1.j]
1999-07-10 jlw removing a final thin layer of accumulation, f98, from the entire locus to prepare for photographs of the stratigraphy displayed at various levels now existing between the north baulk and doorway a17. Thoroughly cleaned at the end of the day. [Input: J710JLW1.j]
1999-07-11 jlw spent the first part of the morning cleaning and preparing for photographs of the entire locus. Problems prevented completion of the photos and they will be taken again on J712. Began removing f99 accumulation. At the end of the day, found a section of pebble floor in SE corner. Designated f150. Almost certainly linked to f80 in k5 and k4 and f146 in k3. A number of seal impressions are being found in the accumulations f98 and f99, just above. [Input: J711JLW1.j]
1999-07-12 jlw took a series of photographs to illustrate the complete stratigraphy of the AK building occupation which was displayed in the various platforms that had been excavated in previous years and now were exposed in our effort to bring all of what had been A2 and A7 down to the level of the patio courtyard. Excavated f99 accumulation to the level of a pebble floor, f150, that is similar in appearance to the f80 floor. Most likely linked. Pebbles extend less than one meter to the north from major E-W wall, f124, merging with a tamped earth floor, f153, that may have been surfaced in plaster or gypsum. [Input: J712JLW1.j]
1999-07-20 jlw continuing the process of leveling, working westward toward the outward limits of the south portion of what had belonged to A7. [Input: J723JLW.j]
1999-07-21 jlw continuing to excavate platforms along western boundary. Using large picks to remove the top two meters, then small picks to excavate the last 50 cm above the level of the pebble floor, f80. One large stone, about 110 cm long and 40 cm wide, oriented E-W is abut 4 m north of doorway a17, approximately centered on the opening. Found a large deposit of broken pottery to the west of doorway, f167, in previously excavated pit, f168. [Input: J723JLW.j]
1999-07-25 jlw continuing leveling platforms of old uncompleted A2/A7 excavations. Found calcareous floor, f174, which does not seem associated with any walls. Found large bronze axe head, i89. Train has been removed and we are carrying dirt to a nearby pile to use it as backfill. [Input: J725JLW1.j]
2000-07-25 jlw removed a small, free-standing pillar of accumulation from the NW corner of the west face of E-W wall, f___. It had probably been left standing to protect a brick corner which was no longer there. [Input: K725JLW.j]
2000-07-25 jlw removed a small, isolated, 1 cubic meter platform, 7m to the west of the west face of wall, f___. Technically, it belongs to A7, but is isolated form other features, except the stone wall wbich it abuts. See sketch _____. Four bags of sherds and one of bone. After a hiatus of several years, all context for the material has been lost, so it was discarded. [Input: K725JLW.j]
Strategy (projected or implemented) 1999-07-04 gb we decide to leave unexcavated the NW portion of k6 so as to obtain a good photo that will show to its best advantage the full stratigraphic sequence with: AK walls and presumed stone paving; the burnt layer (f116) which is beginning to appear and which may mark the end of the palace occupation with f132 to f135; the doorway accumulation and the floors of the post-palace AK occupation; and the beginnng of AH occupation with f132 to f135. [Input: J704JLW.j]
1999-07-04 jlw as we have begun the major excavation of the patio, beginning in the deep probe k5 and moving layer by layer to the west, north, and south, we must prepare k6 by defining the extent of the line of stones, f117, just to the east of doorway a17. We will remove accumulation f116 with a small pick to expose the balance of f117 which it appears at least in part to cover. [Input: J704JLW.j]
Argument 1999-07-04 jlw it seems to me that the collection of features (f132, f133, f134) is more likely a foundation for a retaining wall to butress wall f135 to the west. Although we were excavating with large picks, I believe we would have found evidence of a floor and sub-floor further to the east as we approached the west face of wall f135 from that direction. As there appears to be at least one course of brick in the north baulk atop the proposed floor 132, I believe that the collection was in a trench dug for a wall foundation. [Input: J704JLW.j]
Procedures 1999-06-28 gb I forgot that while digging in f110/f116 we were coming up to the doorway to room B1. We still have a stratigrahpic link, and we'll now clear the doorway, look again at the section from the south (room B1) and follow it to room F1. [Input: J628JLW.j]
Notes on recovery 2000-07-25 jlw due to the fragile nature of the pillar, it was not possible to take an elevation. However, it was at the same approximate elevation as f110 and f116, which marked the transition to Phase 3 in the coourtyard. Sherds were taken to the house for preliminary analysis, which confirmed the provenance. [Input: K725JLW.j]

Volumetric Localization

Roster Date Author Record
Elements within locus 1999-06-23 jl f110 (volumetric material), q248 (bones, items, pottery), q249 (bones, pottery) [Input: J625JL.j]
1999-06-24 jl q250 (bones, pottery), q253 (bones, items, pottery), q254 (bones, pottery), q255 (items, pottery), q256 (bones, pottery), q257 (bones, pottery), q259 (bones, items, pottery), q261 (bones, items, pottery), q262 (pottery), q264 (items, pottery) [Input: J625JL.j]
1999-06-26 jl q265 (bones, items, pottery), q267 (bones, items, pottery) [Input: J703JL.j]
1999-06-27 jl a17 (doorway), f115 (floor, type c), f116 (accumulation C), f117 (wall), f120 (pavement, type c), f123 (accumulation C), f124 (wall), f125 (wall), f127 (floor, type c), f128 (accumulation C), f129 (lens), i42 (seal impression), q276 (bones, pottery), q285 (pottery), q286 (bones, pottery) [Input: J703JL.j]
1999-06-28 jl q289 (bones, items, pottery), q292 (bones, items, pottery) [Input: J703JL.j]
1999-06-29 jl q297 (bones, items, pottery), q302 (pottery) [Input: J703JL.j]
1999-06-30 jl q309 (items, pottery) [Input: J703JL.j]
1999-07-02 jl q314 (bones, pottery), q315 (bones, items, pottery) [Input: J703JL.j]
1999-07-03 jl q316 (bones, pottery), q317 (bones, items, pottery), q321 (bones, items, pottery) [Input: J703JL.j]
1999-07-04 jl q325 (bones, pottery) [Input: J717JL.j]
1999-07-05 jl q335 (pottery), q338 (items, pottery) [Input: J717JL.j]
1999-07-07 jl q361 (bones, pottery) [Input: J717JL.j]
1999-07-08 jl q381 (bones, items, pottery), q384 (bones, items, pottery) [Input: J717JL.j]
1999-07-10 jl q387 (bones, items, pottery), q393 (bones, pottery) [Input: J717JL.j]
1999-07-11 jl q407 (bones, pottery) [Input: J804JL3.j]
1999-07-12 jl q410 (bones, items, pottery), q411 (pottery), q412 (bones, pottery), q414 (bones, items, pottery), i54 (bead), i56 (seal impression), i57 (seal impression) [Input: J806JL2.j]
1999-07-17 jl q470 (bones, items, pottery) [Input: J804JL3.j]
1999-07-18 jl q483 (bones, pottery), i77 (clay artifact), i78 (clay lump), i79 (unknown) [Input: J806JL2.j]
1999-07-19 jl q506 (bones, pottery), q514 (bones, items, pottery) [Input: J805AO.j]
1999-07-20 jl q523 (items, pottery), q524 (items, pottery) [Input: J805AO.j]
1999-07-20 l q516 (bones, items, pottery), q517 (bones, pottery) [Input: J805AO.j]
1999-07-21 jl q525 (pottery), q526 (bones, items, pottery), q527 (bones, items, pottery), q532 (items, pottery), q533 (pottery), q534 (bones, items, pottery), q536 (bones, items, pottery), i82 (wheel), i83 (seal), i84 (metal artifact) [Input: J806JL2.j]
1999-07-22 jl q546 (bones, items, pottery), q548 (bones, pottery), q549 (bones, items, pottery), q550 (bones, items, pottery), q553 (bones, pottery), q554 (bones, pottery), q555 (bones, items, pottery), q560 (pottery), q562 (items, pottery), q568 (bones, pottery), q569 (bones, pottery), q570 (pottery), i86 (figurine), i88 (wheel), i89 (ax(head)) [Input: J806JL2.j]
1999-07-22 jlw q538 (bones, items, pottery), q539 (items, pottery), q541 (bones, items, pottery), q542 (bones, items, pottery) [Input: J805AO.j]
1999-07-25 jl q572 (bones, items, pottery), q577 (bones, items, pottery), q578 (bones, items, pottery) [Input: J805AO.j]
1999-07-26 jl q583 (bones, items, pottery), q587 (bones, items, pottery), q592 (bones, pottery) [Input: J805AO.j]
1999-07-27 jl q595 (bones, pottery), q598 (bones, pottery), q600 (bones, items, pottery), q603 (bones, items, pottery), q606 (pottery), q607 (pottery), q611 (bones, items, pottery), q614 (bones, items, pottery), q615 (bones, items, pottery), q616 (pottery), q617 (pottery), q618 (items, pottery) [Input: J805AO.j]
1999-07-28 jl i93 (seal impression), i94 (animal bone), i95 (seal impression), i96 (seal impression), i97 (seal impression) [Input: J806JL2.j]
1999-07-29 jl q625 (bones, pottery), q626 (bones, pottery), q627 (bones, pottery), q628 (bones, items, pottery), q631 (pottery), q632 (pottery), q633 (pottery), q634 (pottery) [Input: J805AO.j]
1999-07-31 jl q636 (pottery), q638 (pottery) [Input: J805AO.j]
1999-08-01 jl q642 (bones, items, pottery), q643 (bones, pottery) [Input: J805AO.j]
1999-08-05 jl f132 (floor, type b), f133 (fill), f134 (layer), f135 (wall), f141 (accumulation C), f150 (floorsurface in general), f153 (floor, type b), f158 (accumulation), f167 (layer), f168 (pit), f172 (wall), f173 (layer), f174 (floor, type b), f181 (accumulation), f182 (layer), f184 (layer), f186 (layer), f187 (installation), f188 (pavement), f189 (platform), f191 (pavement, type b), f192 (floorsurface in general) [Input: J806JL.j]
Relays (applicable to elements) 1999-06-23 jl r137 (43602 35235 - 2114) [Input: J625JL-R.j]
1999-06-23 jl r138 (43740 35310 - 2064) [Input: J625JL-R.j]


Roster Date Author Record
Definition of process(es) 1999-07-31 gb I am assuming a poor, non-palace reuse of the courtyard immediately following the destruction of AR and the start of the mid-floors in AK. The stone arrangement by the doorway to section B of AK might have re-used stones of the curtain wall to the W end of the courtyard. This immediate re-use of the original surface is analogous to the tannurs on the pavement and floor in A12. [Input: J806JL2.j]

Time Sequencing

Roster Date Author Record
Notes on time sequencing 1999-07-04 gb [sr] the bricks f135 and floor/ac f132 to f134 are, I believe, the lowest levels we have of settled occupation (as distinct from scatterd occupation) above AK. It is in line with the top of the walls between sectors B and F, and lower tahn the walls in sector D. [Input: J704JLW.j]



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Color 2000-07-25 jlw 10YR 6/2. [Input: K725JLW.j]


Roster Date Author Record
Space definition (2st degree of specificity) 1999-06-28 gb the presumed western paving, f84,in room F1 may link up with one of the thresholds in the doorway, a17. Floor accumulation, A1f113 ought to be below paving f84, and so we should get a good link to corresponding accumulations in room F1. [Input: J628JLW.j]


Analogical Record

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View/drawing of locus

1999-06-24 jl [Input: J806JL2.j]

1999-06-24 jl [Input: J806JL2.j]

1999-06-24 jl [Input: J806JL2.j]

1999-06-24 jl [Input: J806JL2.j]

1999-07-04 jl [Input: J806JL2.j]

1999-07-11 jl [Input: J806JL2.j]

1999-07-11 jl [Input: J806JL2.j]

1999-07-11 jl [Input: J806JL2.j]

1999-07-24 jl [Input: J806JL2.j]

1999-07-24 jl [Input: J806JL2.j]

1999-07-24 jl [Input: J806JL2.j]
1999-07-24 jl [Input: J806JL2.j]
1999-07-29 jl [Input: J806JL2.j]

1999-07-29 jlw [Input: J807JL.j]

1999-07-29 jlw [Input: J807JL.j]
General notes on photos 1999-07-04 gb will take a picture of the NW corner as it is now to serve as a guide for a good picture when all is clean. [Input: J704JLW.j]