Unit Book A9


Processed on 2023-08-22


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Category !! !! installation
Best definition 1997-06-25 jo burial [Input: H626JO.j]
Best image 2022-12-02 !! [Input: A09_VWX.j]



Roster Date Author Record
Definition 1997-07-06 jo grave [Input: H728JO-2.j]
Description (summary) 1997-06-28 jo a5 construction is at an angle with AK building, the walls were built of 40x40x8cm bricks, the best preserved brick is the one on the SE corner of a5. only 2 or 3 layers of bricks were preserved in the build up grave construction, the bricks were stacked on top of each other (the layers of bricks are not offset from each other as it is the ussual case in building walls). The fallen bricks inside the grave are mainly pieces, only two pieces are relatevely larger thn others, these two almost complete bricks are fallen vertically they might hve fallen from the collapsed roof of a5, bothe bricks are fallen facing N-S which is the opposite direction of what would be expected in comparison to A8's MZ9 burial [Input: H708JO.j]
1997-07-06 jo pit grave lined with brickes. Cuts f15. [Input: H728JO-2.j]



Roster Date Author Record
Daily notes about recovery of elements 1997-06-25 jo Appeares to be 2nd mil. tomb, maybe semelar toto A8 MZ9 tomb, f33 1st uncovered then f37 and f38, f36 is the fill in between the walls f33,f37 and f38 [Input: H707JO.j]
1997-06-26 jo the SW corner of the a5 (gv) is cuting into f15 [Input: H708JO.j]
1997-06-28 jo A small lense of ashy materials below some of the fallen bricks in the SW corner of a5. The remainder of the wall f43 of a5 was exposed after excavating the A6k217 northern baulk from top. The western half of f43 was intruding inside f15. a vessel i4 was found in the NW corner of a5 within f36 [Input: H708JO.j]
1997-06-28 jo The bricks turned not to be surounding the shaft of the grave all the way to the buttom of the grave a5, the shaft below the bricks was used as the burial chamber, where i4, i6,i7 and i8 were found one in each corner of a5. The bones were highly dis integrated, only few fragments were recoverd, it was collected along with the frageled bones as i [Input: H708JO.j]
1997-07-01 jo the width of the chaft bellow the bricks is 85cm NS, the hight from the top of the bricks to the buttom of the chaft is 60cm. the destance from k2's eastern baulk and the NE corner is 120cm and 100cm from the SE corner of a5. the bones were removed and were collected as i9. the sides and the buttom of a5 were scrabed further to insure the collection of all contenents of a5 [Input: H728JO.j]

Volumetric Localization

Roster Date Author Record
Locus 1997-06-25 jo k2 [Input: H626JO.j]
Relays (applicable to elements) 1997-06-28 jw r32 (43527 36171 - 8568 / Relay location: NE corner) [Input: O109JW2R.j]
1997-06-28 jw r33 (43394 36148 - 8576 / Relay location: SE corner) [Input: O109JW2R.j]
1997-06-28 jw r34 (43563 35988 - 8557 / Relay location: NW corner) [Input: O109JW2R.j]
1997-06-28 jw r35 (43426 35956 - 8576 / Relay location: SW corner) [Input: O109JW2R.j]

Spatial Aggregation

Roster Date Author Record
Features within aggregate 1997-06-25 jo f33 (wall), f36 (soil within feature), f37 (wall), f38 (wall), f43 (wall) [Input: H709JLW1.j]
Items within aggregate 1997-06-25 !! i9 (human body), i11 (brick), i13 (cup) [Input: H626JO.j]
1997-06-25 jo i4 (jar), i6 (jar), i7 (metal bowl), i8 (jar), i10 (metal pin), i12 (metal blade) [Input: H709JLW1.j]
q-lots within aggregate 1997-06-25 !! q28 (pottery), q32 (pottery), q39 (bones, pottery), q43 (bones, pottery), q53 (pottery), q59 (pottery) [Input: H626JO.j]