Unit Book A9


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Roster Date Author Record
Description (summary) 1997-06-16 jo A9's SE square [Input: H620JO-3.j]



Roster Date Author Record
Daily notes about recovery of elements 1997-06-18 jo Because of the sharp slope caused by the wadi , the eastern part of k2 is much higher than the western part , that is why we still diging in the eastern part of k2 and not yet reashed the level of the western porshon of k2's top soil . [Input: H620JO-2.j]
1997-06-19 jo There is no apearent conection between f6, f7, f10, f11, and f12, each of them form a contanjus unit by itself no assuciation with others [Input: H627JO.j]
1997-06-19 jo We thought that f6, f7, f10, f11, and f12 were burials, at this point there is no apearent shaft around the stones or eny other evidance of burials underneath any of these featueres other than the assemblege of the stones [Input: H627JO.j]
1997-06-22 jo The entier SE corner of f8 in k2 250c150cm was left unexcavated inorder to dig slowly the ashy material f22 (filling of the tannur), and to take the time to decoment a3 carfully and compleately [Input: H627JO-3.j]
1997-06-26 jo Began to excavate A6k217 northern baulk , the topsoil f2 and the wadi accumulation f3 were removed by the end of h626, in h628 will start removing f17 [Input: H708JO.j]
1997-06-30 jo feature f45 was dug with small pick in the northern half of k2, 90cm north of a5 and it was leveled, the northern section along with the secondery section between the two halfs were cleand; no traces of a northern extention of the wall f15 is seen in the section eventhough we are below the level of the top of f15 [Input: H728JO.j]
1997-07-02 jo after the rremoval of a5 the four sides of the shaft were cut 5cm to in order to see the stratigraphy and the nature of the accumulation surounduing a5 which will be dug next. four bricks are seen in the southern edge of the shaft, the bricks sits on a red accumulation f45; therfor the are not part of the wall f15 as f15 countinues down to the top of f1 as it is seen from the other side of f15 [Input: H728JO-2.j]
1997-07-02 jo despit the fact that features f27,34 and 45 are below the level of the highest preserved point of f15 its extention to the north stil does appear, suggesting eather a wide doorway to the north of f15 or it might just be pillar since we know it does not extend neather to the other three directions [Input: H728JO-2.j]
Strategy (projected or implemented) 1997-06-26 jo the A6k217 northern baulk (at the southern end of k2) will be removed earlier than what we had entended to inorder to expose the SW corner of a5, in main time will be able to expose the top of the wall f15 [Input: H708JO.j]
1997-07-02 jm plan to remove f34 and dig down to f45. [Input: H714JLW1.j]
1997-07-05 jlw remove the soil and last remnants of burial a5. Level square, sweep carefully and look for evidence of wall tops before removing the next layer. Using 2 large picks. [Input: H716JLW2.j]
Argument 1997-06-25 jo As the natural formation of k2 befor excavation has a E-W slop, at this point we have dug 170cm at the eastern end of k2 and 40cm at the western end. It is noteceble that some of k2 features (f25,f27 and f34) are lemeted only to the eastern portion of k2, these features has reletevelly flat surfuces, meaningly they dont follow the natural slop of the locus,therefore willnot be expected in lower elevation to the west. the lemetation of the extention of these features could be a result of a sepration between the east and the west of k2 locus by a N-S wall stod high in the middle up to the elevation of features f25,f27 and f34. At the time of deposetion of tese features the suggested wall should have been still exested and could be the same wall as f1 and/or f15 [Input: H708JO.j]
Accidentals 1997-06-17 jo I was informed by workman , mohamad omu , that years ago a hole was dug in aproxematly NE corner of k2 , by unknown person(s) in a robbery attempt , he then filled it back as soon as he discovered the incident . [Input: H620JO-2.j]

Volumetric Localization

Roster Date Author Record
Elements within locus 1997-06-15 jo f1 (wall) [Input: H620JO-3.j]
1997-06-17 jo f2 (topsoil) [Input: H620JO-3.j]
1997-06-18 jm f6 (stone installation) [Input: H620JO-3.j]
1997-06-18 jo f3 (accumulation), f7 (stone installation) [Input: H620JO-3.j]
1997-06-19 jo q2 (pottery), f8 (accumulation D), f10 (group of stones), f11 (group of stones), f12 (accumulation) [Input: H626JO.j]
1997-06-21 jm q5 (pottery), q6 (bones, pottery) [Input: H630JO.j]
1997-06-21 jo a3 (tannur), a4 (structure), f15 (wall), f17 (accumulation), f18 (burial), q7 (bones) [Input: H630JO.j]
1997-06-22 jlw f20 (tannur (feature)), f22 (soil within feature), q11 (bones, pottery) [Input: H630JO.j]
1997-06-22 jm q9 (pottery) [Input: H630JO.j]
1997-06-22 jo f23 (group of bricks), f25 (floorsurface in general), f26 (group of bricks), q10 (pottery) [Input: H630JO.j]
1997-06-23 jlw q15 (items), q17 (pottery) [Input: H630JO.j]
1997-06-23 jo f27 (accumulation), q13 (pottery) [Input: H630JO.j]
1997-06-24 jlw q19 (bones, pottery), q23 (pottery), q26 (bones, pottery), q28 (pottery), q31 (pottery) [Input: H701JO.j]
1997-06-24 jm f30 (accumulation), i1 (seal impression), q20 (pottery), q21 (pottery) [Input: H701JO.j]
1997-06-24 jo i3 (ceramic vessel), f42 (pit), f43 (wall), f44 (fill) [Input: H709JLW1.j]
1997-06-25 jlw f36 (soil within feature) [Input: H626JO.j]
1997-06-25 jo a5 (burial), f32 (group of stones), f33 (wall), f34 (accumulation), f35 (group of bricks), f37 (wall), f38 (wall) [Input: H626JO.j]
1997-06-26 jlw f39 (accumulation), q35 (bones, pottery), q32 (pottery), q33 (bones, pottery) [Input: H701JO.j]
1997-06-28 jlw q42 (pottery) [Input: H701JO-2.j]
1997-06-28 jm q39 (bones, pottery), q40 (pottery) [Input: H701JO-2.j]
1997-06-28 jo a6 (pit) [Input: H709JLW1.j]
1997-06-29 jlw q43 (bones, pottery), q45 (bones, pottery), i9 (human body) [Input: H708JLW1.j]
1997-06-29 jm i4 (jar) [Input: H708JLW1.j]
1997-06-29 jo i6 (jar), i7 (metal bowl), i8 (jar), f45 (accumulation C), f47 (floorsurface in general) [Input: H709JLW1.j]
1997-06-30 jlw q48 (pottery), q53 (pottery), i10 (metal pin) [Input: H708JLW1.j]
1997-07-01 jlw q55 (pottery), i12 (metal blade), i13 (cup) [Input: H708JLW1.j]
1997-07-01 jo q59 (pottery), i11 (brick) [Input: H708JLW1.j]
1997-07-02 jlw q63 (pottery) [Input: H708JLW2.j]
1997-07-03 jlw q66 (bones, pottery), f55 (accumulation) [Input: H709JLW1.j]
1997-07-05 jlw q74 (bones, pottery), q78 (bones, pottery) [Input: H708JLW2.j]
1997-07-05 jo a11 (pit), f61 (pit), f62 (fill) [Input: H709JLW1.j]
1997-07-06 jlw q83 (pottery) [Input: H708JLW2.j]
1997-07-06 jm q81 (bones, pottery) [Input: H708JLW2.j]
1997-07-06 jo f64 (floor, type a) [Input: H709JLW1.j]
1997-07-07 jm q86 (pottery) [Input: H708JLW2.j]
1997-07-08 jO q94 (bones, pottery) [Input: H729JLW.j]
Relays (applicable to elements) 1997-06-18 jm r5 (43499 35739 - 8625 / Relay location: SW corner) [Input: H619JLWR.j]
1997-06-18 jm r6 (43293 36340 - 8781 / Relay location: SE corner) [Input: H619JLWR.j]
1997-06-18 jm r7 (44011 36156 - 8661 / Relay location: NW corner) [Input: H619JLWR.j]
1997-06-18 jm r8 (43763 36504 - 8788 / Relay location: NE corner) [Input: H619JLWR.j]
Extension of locus or q-lot 1997-06-16 jo 5-8 [Input: H620JO-3.j]
Length of two sides 1997-06-16 jo 500 [Input: H620JO-3.j]


Analogical Record

Roster Date Author Record
View/drawing of locus

1997-06-17 jo [Input: H626JO.j]

1997-06-20 jm [Input: H626JO.j]

1997-06-23 jlw [Input: H626JO.j]

1997-06-29 jlw [Input: H709JLW3.j]

1997-06-30 jlw [Input: H709JLW3.j]