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description (summary) 2002-9-18 jl This view looks at the lowest level of the south baulk of k26. The exposed area is the top of f348, however, the white floor is slightly below the current level of the baulk. v205a is a closeup of the exposed area of the white floor, just north of the area of the baulk. v205b shows another of the stones of f353, newly revealed through Stef's digging into the subfloor in order to take the thin section column f389. v205c is a closeup of the bricky mass which was first observed in the baulk last season, a part of f393. v205d looks at the well-preserved plaster on the wall, f400. v205e is a closeup of the bricky mass, f393. Although none of the "bricks" were of any quality, materials of different colors with sharply marked edges, often in a brick shape, were traceable in the surface. Perhaps it is a part of f355, a brick apron found in the south east of f348 last season, with similar material. [Input File: M918jl.j]

Analogical Record
view/drawing orientation 2002-9-11 jl looking south [Input File: M922ms.j]
2002-9-11 ms [Input File: M914jl.j]
constituents within view/drawing 2002-9-11 ms a32 f338 f344 f345 f348 f349 f393 f400 k26 [Input File: M914jl.j]
2002-9-11 jl a32 f338 f344 f345 f348 f349 f393 f400 k26 k27 [Input File: M922ms.j]