Unit Book A16

Version 2


Processed on 2024-07-09


Roster Date Author Record
Category !! !! ceramic vessel
Best definition 2007-10-19 !! jar [Input: RX19GB.j]
Best image 2007-08-09 sC [Input: R809SC.j]



Roster Date Author Record
Definition 2007-10-19 gB jar [Input: RX19GB.j]
Description (summary) 2002-09-09 lR carinated jar with 2 rope designs associated with burial a19 [Input: -MX12-99.j]
2002-09-14 sB whole small jar with broken rim [Input: N304LR.j]
2002-09-20 MISSING Complete jar with a rope design on the neck. Sent to conservation since the neck is over fired and flaking off, too delicate for further analysis at the moment. [Input: N116LR3.j]
2002-09-20 lR jar with rope design on the neck. Jar in too fragile condition for description and sent to the conservator. [Input: -MX12-99.j]



Roster Date Author Record
Daily notes about recovery of elements 2002-09-09 lR The second vessel i97 is also a jar but much more complete than i98, both part of a19 burial. This vessel is white in color with a sharp neck and a rope design. The rim of the jar is in pieces and appears to mushroom out. [Input: N304LR2.j]

Volumetric Localization

Roster Date Author Record
Locus 2002-09-09 lR k207 [Input: -MX12-99.j]
Relays (applicable to elements) 2002-09-10 ap r338 (41240 37301 - 8513 / Relay location: center bottom) [Input: R7QFAB1R.j]

Contact Association

Roster Date Author Record
Type of contact: contemporary events/movable items 2002-09-09 lR i97 (jar) sits in f277 (^fi) [Input: -MX12-99.j]

Spatial Aggregation

Roster Date Author Record
Aggregate (to which element belongs) 2000-12-18 !! a19 (^bu) [Input: A-CUMUL.j]
Nature of association 2002-09-09 lR associated q-lot: 729 [Input: -MX12-99.j]

Time Sequencing

Roster Date Author Record
Stratum (to which element belongs) 2015-05-20 !! s330AAH [Input: ZA520CJC.j]
Phase (to which element belongs) 2015-05-20 !! h5hAAH [Input: ZA520CJC.j]



Roster Date Author Record
Height 2007-08-18 cjc 18.5 [Input: R818CJC.j]
Width 1 or diameter of rim 2007-08-18 cjc 10 @rim [Input: R818CJC.j]
2015-05-19 cJC 10 [Input: ZA519CJC.j]
Thickness 2007-08-18 cjc 0.7 @rim [Input: R818CJC.j]


Roster Date Author Record
Ware or Material, species 2002-09-14 sB white yellow ware, clay not very refined [Input: N304LR.j]
Shape, form 2007-10-16 gB jar [Input: RX16GB.j]
Color 2002-09-09 lR white [Input: -MX12-99.j]
Color number (Munsell) 2007-08-18 cjc 5Y8/1 [Input: R818CJC.j]
Condition 2002-09-14 sB in 5 pieces [Input: N304LR.j]
Preservation 2002-09-14 sB whole small jar with broken rim, 5 pieces [Input: MX05SB.j]
Notes on typology 2015-05-19 cJC Probably handmade, rough, inscised on shoulder [Input: ZA519CJC.j]
Zca.DECORATION: Technique 2015-05-19 cJC 2 [Input: ZA519CJC.j]
Zca.DECORATION: Type 2015-05-19 cJC I [Input: ZA519CJC.j]
Zca.SHAPE: Family 2015-05-19 cJC necked [Input: ZA519CJC.j]
Zca.SHAPE: Sub-family 2015-05-19 cJC flaring (necked) [Input: ZA519CJC.j]


Roster Date Author Record
Notes on function 2002-09-14 sB from a burial [Input: N304LR.j]



Roster Date Author Record
Current conditions 2002-09-14 sB coming from a burial, white yellow ware, not very refined [Input: MX05SB.j]
Procedures employed 2002-09-14 sB glued the rim [Input: MX05SB.j]


Analogical Record

Roster Date Author Record
Photo of context (v view)

2002-09-29 lR [Input: -MX12-99.j]

2002-09-29 lR [Input: -MX12-99.j]
Photo of individual elements (studio)

2002-10-09 mc [Input: A16V-M^.j]

2002-10-09 ms [Input: A16V-M^.j]
Drawing of individual element (studio)

2014-05-13 kf [Input: A16W15.j]


Roster Date Author Record
Storage 0000-00-00 MISSING Sent to DeZ Museum in MZ15 [Input: R814FAB.j]