Unit Book A16


Processed on 2023-12-09


Roster Date Author Record
Best image 2014-11-06 cJC [Input: YY06CJC.j]



Roster Date Author Record
Description (summary) 2002-09-03 lR South of k204 [Input: -MX12-99.j]



Roster Date Author Record
Daily notes about recovery of elements 2002-09-07 MISSING we excavated 10cm from the entire area, which exposed three small gray pits and a brick structure of some sort. One of the small pits is seen in the south section and only goes down 5-10 cm. The bricks are located in northeast area and contains several gray bricks and orange bricks. The bricks do not form a line or pattern and may be a burial. The pits and the bricks have not been assigned feature numbers. [Input: M907LR.j]
2002-09-11 lR 5-7 cm was removed from f294 which spreads throughout the locus. Removal began in the north end extending south with a reference view from the burial which cut the material creating a section. South of the burial a19 a very nice seal impression was recovered i108. This contains an impression of a seated figure on a chair wearing a hat and has been sent to conservation for cleaning. Two photographs were taken, one with the item in place another with the relay tag. [Input: -MX12-99.j]
2002-09-13 lR Diadin is removing the light colored fill of what appears to be a hollow which extends into the east baulk k209. [Input: MX12LR4.j]

Volumetric Localization

Roster Date Author Record
Elements within locus 2002-09-08 lR a19 (^bu) [Input: -MX12-99.j]
2002-09-05 fAB f268 (^ac) [Input: M928LR.j]
2002-09-08 lR f272 (^pt), f273 (^pt), f274 (^pb), f276 (^pt), f277 (^fi) [Input: M926LR.j]
2002-09-11 fAB f290 (^rh) [Input: -MX12-99.j]
2002-09-11 aP f294 (^ly) [Input: -MX12-99.j]
2002-09-12 fAB f295 (^fi) [Input: M926LR.j]
2002-09-13 lR f298 (^pt) [Input: M926LR.j]
2002-09-22 lR f327 (^pb) [Input: M926LR.j]
2002-09-25 aP f332 (^fi) [Input: M926LR.j]
2002-09-05 fAB i88 (uncertain) [Input: -MX12-99.j]
2002-09-07 lR i93 (tool) [Input: -MX12-99.j]
2002-09-09 lR i96 (^hb), i97 (jar) [Input: -MX12-99.j]
2007-08-09 sC i97.1 (^sm) [Input: R809SC.j]
2002-09-09 lR i98 (jar) [Input: -MX12-99.j]
2002-09-09 lF i101 (pin) [Input: M917LR.j]
2002-09-11 lR i107 (pin), i108 (^si) [Input: M917LR.j]
2002-09-13 lF i119 (^si), i121 (^bd) [Input: M917LR.j]
2002-09-15 lR i130 (bowl) [Input: M917LR.j]
2002-09-19 lR i143 (^sl) [Input: -MX12-99.j]
2002-09-19 lF i144 (^sl), i145 (^cl) [Input: -MX12-99.j]
2002-09-30 lR i148 (^sm) [Input: -MX12-99.j]
2007-08-13 lr q703.1 (human body), q715.1 (human body) [Input: R813LR.j]
2002-09-05 lR q701 [Input: MX12LR.j]
2002-09-07 lR q703, q713 [Input: MX12LR.j]
2002-09-08 lR q714, q715, q719, q724, q729 [Input: MX12LR.j]
2002-09-10 fAB q752, q755 [Input: MX12LR.j]
2002-09-11 lR q766, q771 [Input: MX12LR.j]
2002-09-12 lF q777 [Input: MX12LR.j]
2002-09-13 lF q782 [Input: MX12LR.j]
2002-09-13 lR q784, q786 [Input: MX12LR.j]
2002-09-13 fAB q787 [Input: MX12LR.j]
2002-09-14 lR q793, q794, q798, q799 [Input: MX12LR.j]
2002-09-15 lF q802, q803, q808 [Input: MX12LR.j]
2002-09-19 lF q846 [Input: MX12LR.j]
2002-09-21 lR q856 [Input: MX12LR.j]
2002-09-22 lR q859, q862, q868 [Input: MX12LR.j]
2002-09-25 aP q898 [Input: MX12LR.j]
Relays (applicable to elements) 2002-09-03 lR rm2916: 200E, 450N [Input: -MX12-99.j]


Analogical Record

Roster Date Author Record
Photo of context (v view)

2002-09-29 lR [Input: -MX12-99.j]

2002-09-29 lR [Input: -MX12-99.j]
2002-09-29 lR [Input: -MX12-99.j]

2002-09-29 lR [Input: -MX12-99.j]

2002-09-29 lR [Input: -MX12-99.j]

2002-09-29 lR [Input: -MX12-99.j]

2002-09-29 lR [Input: -MX12-99.j]

2002-09-29 lR [Input: -MX12-99.j]
View/drawing of locus

2007-08-03 pC [Input: R803PC.j]

2007-08-03 pC [Input: R803PC.j]