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Label includes another 2011-11-18cJC f81
2011-11-18cJC f82
2011-11-18cJC f87
2011-11-18cJC f95
2011-11-18cJC f97
2011-11-18cJC f98
2011-11-18cJC f99
2011-11-18cJC f109
2011-11-18cJC f157
2011-11-18cJC f158
2011-11-18cJC f160
2011-11-18cJC f168
2011-11-18cJC f181
2011-11-18cJC f185
2011-11-18cJC f186
2011-11-18cJC f193
2011-11-18cJC f195
2011-11-18cJC f203
2011-11-18cJC f206
2011-11-18cJC f220
2011-11-18cJC f222
2011-11-18cJC f242
2011-11-18cJC f249

Description 2011-11-18cJC Accumulations covering the top of the revetment wall. Part of a process of slow build-up and accumulation after the post-brickfall use.

Time sequencing
Strata within phase 2011-11-18cJC s122J2B
Stratigraphic reasons 2011-11-18cJC Stratigraphically these accumulations are above the post-brickfall use and are part of the late Mittani covering of the revetment wall known from J1 and J5.