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Other objects from Unit J2

Caitlin Chaves Yates – November 2010

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Clay artifacts

A variety of unusual clay artifacts were found in J2. Most are categorized as unknown clay artifacts because their use is not known. Some of the most interesting are discussed below:

Possible chariot fragments

Fragment of andiron
Possible housemodel fragments




Clay artifact with impressions
Clay disk with sunflower pattern
Miniature spouted pot

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Clay wheels and Clay disks

Clay wheels and disks are found frequently at the site and J2 is no exception. There are several small wheels, usually distinguished by their outward flare around the center hole. In addition there are several small clay disks that are flat on both sides with a hole pierced through the middle. It is unclear if they are used as wheels, beads, weights or for some other purpose. The most notable clay wheels and disks are listed below:

Clay wheels:

Clay disks:

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A total of thirteen beads were identified in J2. The majority are stone beads with a few notable exceptions. None of the beads were found in the same context.

Stone beads:

Clay beads:

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Kiln Waste

Kiln waste or ceramic slag is one of the most frequently encountered objects in J2 and makes up almost 11% of the total of J2 objects (see J2 object statistics). Kiln waste can be a light friable material or a smooth dense material and a range of different types are found amongst the J2 objects.

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Sling Balls

Sling balls are egg-shaped clay artifacts with pointed ends. They are thought to be developed for firing out of a sling. In J2 several of these slingballs were found in the same area in q803, which sits in f318. Another 2 slingballs were found nearby in q763 inside of f286. Both of these features are within the large Mittani brickfall. Below is a complete list of the slingballs:

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