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Category 2008-8-27!! unknown [Input file: S827CJC.J / S827CJC.-J]
2010-9-24!! unknown [Input file: U913CJC.J / U913CJC.-J]
Definition 2008-8-27cJC ~jar rim [Input file: S827CJC.J / S827CJC.-J]
2010-9-24cJC ceramic vessel [Input file: U913CJC.J / U913CJC.-J]

Description 2008-8-27cJC Jar rim sitting in k6. It will not be removed this season but it was relayed and recorded in case it was damaged during the winter. [Input file: S827CJC.J / S827CJC.-J]
2010-8-10cJC This jar rim is likely part of the brickfall that came across the trench, k200, from the southeast. [Input file: U810CJC.J / U810CJC.-J]
2010-9-24cJC Complete rim of a Khabur jar. It has a solid painted neck with a slightly flaring rim. [Input file: U913CJC.J / U913CJC.-J]

Recovery/Assignment and the Record
C99.NRecovery 2010-8-10cJC This jar rim was washed out in the winter between MZ21 and MZ22 (2008-2009). It was brought to the house by the workmen and put in the object room to be recorded. It has already been relayed in the field so its removal in the winter is not a problem. It appears to be only a rim with no known associated body sherds. The locus k6 where i4 was found was excavated as part of J2 in MZ22. [Input file: U810CJC.J / U810CJC.-J]

Volumetric localization
Relays 2008-8-27hB 43 (38699 50841 - 8811 / Relay location: center of jar rim) [Input file: S826CJCR.J / S826CJCR.-J]

Top width 2010-9-24cJC 14 [Input file: U913CJC.J / U913CJC.-J]

Ware/Material 2010-9-24cJC ~FC [Input file: U913CJC.J / U913CJC.-J]
Shape or form 2010-9-24cJC ~j [Input file: U913CJC.J / U913CJC.-J]
Decoration 2010-9-24cJC k [Input file: U913CJC.J / U913CJC.-J]
Condition 2010-9-24cJC broken [Input file: U913CJC.J / U913CJC.-J]

Analogical record
Photo of view



Notes on disposition 2010-9-24cJC Should be sent to conservation to reconstruct the small pieces associated with it. [Input file: U913CJC.J / U913CJC.-J]

Special roster: ceramic analysis (Zca)

Details of decoration
ZcaD1.Technique 2010-9-24cJC [Input file: U913CJC.J / U913CJC.-J]

details of shape
ZcaS1.family 2010-9-24cJC [Input file: U913CJC.J / U913CJC.-J]
ZcaS2.sub-family 2010-9-24cJC [Input file: U913CJC.J / U913CJC.-J]
ZcaS3.type 2010-9-24cJC [Input file: U913CJC.J / U913CJC.-J]