Urkesh Ceramic Analysis
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Details of Measurments

Marilyn Kelly-Buccellati – January 2014

The ceramics were analysized using standardized measurement systems and are measured in centimeters and not inches. For our ceramics the inside diameter of the rims is measured, not the exterior diameter reasoning that the interior diameter more closely reflects the capacity of the vessel and therefore the function of the vessel see function. The rim diameter is indicated on the upper right of the rim drawing; base diameters are placed on the lower right of the drawing. The scale on each drawing is uniformly indicated by a 5 cm cross bar placed on the center line. This bar is measured from the rim for rim shapes and from the bottom for the base shapes.

In addition to the standard rim or base measurements for any given vessel the percentage of the preserved base or rim can also be measured. This measurement is recorded under the ZcaM1 roster slot. By recording the percentage of the preserved portion, this measurement gives a sense of the level of certainy to which a shape can be determined.

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