The Grammar of the Archaeological Record

2. The Manual

Volume Two.
The Operation Manual


Giorgio Buccellati – June 2010

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The second volume of the Grammar (“The Manual”) is given here in its entirety.

It serves as a practical guide for the application of the codes during the recording process and for the implementation of the programs in preparing, on a daily basis, the browser edition. As such, it is reserved to members of the staff working on the project.

As a matter of general interest, one will find here the compact Table of Contents.

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Compact Table of Contents

NB: Please note that the numbering system of the chapters in this second volume follows a specific standard (slightly different from the system used in the first volume): to each major section (i.e., A, B, C, D, E, F) a specific numbering span (set of ten) has been assigned (e.g., section A spans 1-9, section 2 spans 10-19, etc.); therefore, the chapter numbering is sometimes not progressive (i.e., there are gaps from one major section to the following one): this has been established on purpose, to keep the numbering system (divided into sets of ten) fully coherent.

1. Preface

2. Data Input Overview
3. Folders & files
4. Primary input
5. Secondary input
6. Graphic files
7. Procedures

10. Operations: Overview
11. Definitions
12. Standards
13. Forms
14. Procedures
15. Checklists

20. Programs: Overview
21. Batch files
22. Intra‑unit programs
23. Extra‑unit programs
24. Sitewide programs

30. Auxiliary Programs: Overview
31. Utility programs
32. Search programs
33. Commercial programs

40. Purpose and uses
41. Text data bases
42. Graphic data bases
43. Exogenous data

50. Browser Edition: Overview
51. UGR frame
52. Parallel books
53. Discursive synthesis

Alphabetical index
Topical index

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