Unit Book A15


Processed on 2024-03-21

Date Author Record
2001-07-25 okk Starting log numbers given to jlw for the excavation of A15(south) are: f300, q600, r400, a100, v150 [Input: L725okk.j]
2023-12-08 jw The original aggregate log for the north portion of A15 was published on L916 by the supervisor, oKK, after the excavation terminated for the season. It did not include some signficant objects and included others not generally relevant such as accumulations. Based on the journal entries and the views (no templates were in the record), I have revised the aggregate log for that period to reflect what was clerly said and shown. As part of my analysis I prepared templates for the most significant and illustrative views. [Input: ZHz08jW.j]