Unit Book A15


Processed on 2024-03-21

Date Author Record
2002-09-20 jlw in MZ14, the ceramicist, yt, assembled all of the objects, bones and pottery associated with the excavation of the north(a30) and south(a31) kilns to analyze their operation and output(q696 thru q716 and related items). Unfortunately she had to depart before her results could be completely entered into the record. Such things as object descriptions, complete pottery analyis, photography and drawing, and registration of objects were to be accomplished in future years. In MZ15, jlw and mkb described objects, including whole vessels found in the kilns, and jlw oversaw photography, drawing, and registration. Insufficient resources forced the postponement of pottery analysis for another season. Of the q-lots, q706 and q708 were not among the group that yt examined, but we presume that they are in the general pottery storeroom with the sherds and bones from A15 in MZ14 awaiting processing. If not, it is possible that she examined these two lots, as she did all the others, decided that there was nothing of interest and discarded them. The log indicates that both pottery and kiln waste were contsituents of these q-lots. Since kiln waste from these two lots was processed in MZ15, we can be relatively certain that that the pottery lots were also brought to the house for analysis. [Input: M922jw.j]