Unit Book J4


Processed on 2023-11-19



Roster Date Author Record
Daily notes about recovery of elements 2006-09-09 sC Today we opened this new locus. k70 is a 500mx500m square and it is delimited by the following markers: m4469 (NW), m4470 (NE), m4471 (SE) and m3666 (NW). We decided to dig only half of the square, i.e. 200N and 400m W to m3666. We started by removing the topsoil (f115, q229) in this area of the square. The topsoil turned to be not particulary thick (aprox. 5cm in depth, whit only few roots; the roots are present until 10cm below f115). Once removed, we assigned f116 (q232, q235, q239) to the accumulation under the topsoil. f116 is completely different by f117 in k80. f116 is compact, although medium soft once removed, it is a bit dusty when removed and it is composed by soil mixed to small fragment of stones and pottery sherds. After the third pickrun we noticed that also in this square the soil was a bit red in colour, although the soil matrix did not looked to be bricky. It to notice that the NW corner of the square was characterized by the presence of several fragments of stones. These were located right on the top of the where we suppose f10 should be located. We started to keep this portion of the square and dig E to this. Once we dug for approximately 50cm in the square, we decided to start removing the W portion of the square, and we start exposing a large stone. Tomorrow we will contine digging here looking for the top of f10 in the NW corner of the square. [Input: Q909SC.j]
2006-09-10 sC Today we continued digging in the S portion of k70, f116 (q245, q253). After two pickruns we exposed some stones in the NW corner of the square. These are lower in elevation as they apperead in k71, and it looks like if the top of f10 in k70 has been partially removed or reorganized. [Input: Q910SC.j]

Volumetric Localization

Roster Date Author Record
Elements within locus 2006-09-09 pc f115 (topsoil) [Input: Q922PC.j]
2006-09-09 sc f116 (accumulation D) [Input: Q922PC.j]
2006-09-18 sc f166 (st is) [Input: QX10SC.j]
2006-10-08 sc f169 (accumulation D) [Input: QX10SC.j]
2006-09-09 pC q229 (pottery), q232 (pottery) [Input: Q910VN.j]
2006-09-09 cC q235 (pottery), q239 (pottery) [Input: Q910VN.j]
2006-09-09 sC q242 (pottery) [Input: Q910VN.j]
2006-09-10 pC q245 (bones, pottery) [Input: Q910VN.j]
2006-09-10 sc q253 (pottery) [Input: Q910CC.j]


Analogical Record

Roster Date Author Record
View/drawing of locus

2010-03-21 sC [Input: U321SC3.j]

2010-03-21 sC [Input: U321SC3.j]

2010-03-21 sC [Input: U321SC3.j]

2010-03-21 sC [Input: U321SC3.j]

2010-03-21 sC [Input: U321SC3.j]

2010-03-21 sC [Input: U321SC3.j]

2010-03-21 sC [Input: U321SC3.j]