Unit Book J5


Processed on 2023-12-15


Roster Date Author Record
Includes other label 2022-09-21 jW f194 (stone installation), f205 (stone installation), f257 (stone installation), f266 (stone installation), f276 (stone installation) [Input: ZG821jW2.j]
Typological specific label 2022-09-21 jW ^strc2 [Input: ZG821jW2.j]
Category !! !! installation
Best definition 2022-09-21 !! staircase [Input: ZG821jW2.j]



Roster Date Author Record
Definition 2022-09-21 jW staircase [Input: ZG821jW2.j]
Description (summary) 2022-09-21 jW This group of features comprise an early Mittani period staircase which leads from the Early Dynastic escarpment to the top of its accompanying revetment wall. It consists of a series of stepped, large stones, f205, f257 and f266, which were placed against the revetment wall, f41. They were founded in part by a north-south line of watermelon-sized stones, f276. To the north, the stepped structure abuts another square stone installation, f194. We have not excavated enough of it to see how deep it is. It seems to be laid atop EDIII accumulations at the elevation where nearby accumulations shift directly to Mittani. Therefore we conclude that this specific label was built early in the Mittani period as they began to adapt the western part of the wall system to replace eastern structures that were being covered by soil accumulations. [Input: ZG821jW2.j]