Storm Damage in Unit J5

December 2019 - James Walker
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  Collapse of Portion of Late Mittani Wall

     As excavations progressed in 2009, we found that the mock revetment wall f3 had been built atop and followed an earlier Ninevite V wall f41 (v188). At its southern point it diverged to the south, overhanging the earlier wall. In lieu of removing the overhanging portion we preserved it by leaving it supported by a soil pillar f294 (v223), intending to remove it in a following season. Unfortunately hostilities intervenened and during heavy rains in the late fall of 2018, the soil in the pillar saturated and the section of the f3 wall collapsed. Furthermore, the water possibly eroded part of the EDIII wall behind it The resident Mozan workforce under the direction of the on-site archaeologist, Amer Ahmed, stabilized the damaged wall section. In the spring and summer of 2019 they designed and built a more permanent solution which is documented in Amer's written report.

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