Unit Book A16


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Category !! !! clay artifact
Best definition 2001-06-09 !! ^w [Input: L815LR.j]
Summary 2007-07-11 cJC Mudbrick wall 1.5 bricks thick and reaching a height of 21 brick courses. It is oriented EW with a doorway (see f70) identified on its north face. It abuts walls f93 and f80 to form a8. It bonds with f113 and f96 to form a10. [Input: R711CJC.j]
Best image 2007-07-11 cJC
v45 [Input: R711CJC.j]



Roster Date Author Record
Definition 2001-06-09 lr ^w [Input: L815LR.j]
Description (summary) 2001-07-07 lR Mudbrick wall running east to west, 60 cm thick (one brick and a half). The wall is constructed with uniform colored bricks clearly distinguishable from the gray mortar. The wall appears to continue going down with the top elevation at 9178. [Input: L707LR.j]
2001-08-01 lR this is a mud brick wall running East to West composed of reddish pink bricks averaging 37cm in length and 10cm in thickness with light gray mortar fill. The width of the wall is one whole brick and a half with a current height of 21 brick courses. It is possible that a second, earlier wall is underneath this wall slightly shorter in length, but it is unclear. The wall shows two areas of collapse and stress; one in the western end where the bricks appear to be lesser in length at the bottom (15-20 cm) causing the top bricks from the wall to shift down from the pressure, and the second, in the Northeast where the bricks collapsed from the doorway. The Northeast area is unclear for this reason. This wall is part of a10. [Input: L816LR.j]



Roster Date Author Record
Daily notes about recovery of elements 2001-06-20 fAB In k4 we seem to have found a wall f52, but it is not linked to anything we have found yet, so we continue to work around it. [Input: L630TR.j]
2001-06-25 lR While looking at this wall we have defined the bricks on the north surface and noticed that there are not bricks in the middle, creating a niche. We have identified a possible drain that runs along the north side of the wall and presume that the niche is an outlet for the water to run through the wall. [Input: L630TR.j]
Strategy (projected or implemented) 2001-07-08 lR we plan on removing all phase 5b structures but plan on leaving f52 since the base of the wall is actually a 5a construction that was re-used in 5b. The basis for this argument as proposed by fab is that the Western face of the wall ends but then is continued at a lower elevation but is indented several centimeters to the East suggesting that the wall below is earlier and could belong to 5a. Bricks found on the North side of f52 suggest that it is a 5a cross wall running North to South. [Input: L708LR.j]

Volumetric Localization

Roster Date Author Record
Locus 2001-06-09 lr k4 [Input: L815LR.j]
Relays (applicable to elements) 2001-06-12 lR r51 (41180 38843 - 9185 / Relay location: top of wall) [Input: L620LR-R.j]
2001-06-12 lR r52 (41236 38563 - 9148 / Relay location: corner of wall) [Input: L620LR-R.j]
2001-06-12 lR r53 (41285 38578 - 9148 / Relay location: corner of wall) [Input: L620LR-R.j]
2001-06-24 sv r58 (41320 38904 - 9187 / Relay location: corner of wall) [Input: R7QFAB1R.j]
2001-06-24 sv r59 (41297 38871 - 9140 / Relay location: corner of wall) [Input: R7QFAB1R.j]
2001-06-24 sv r60 (41280 38824 - 9125 / Relay location: corner of wall) [Input: R7QFAB1R.j]
Elevation 2001-06-17 fAB 9190 [Input: L724LR.j]

Contact Association

Roster Date Author Record
Type of contact: latest events 2007-08-28 pC f60 (^pt) cuts f52 (^w) [Input: R826PC.j]
2001-07-07 lR f54 (^bf) abuts f52 (^w) [Input: L707LR.j]
2007-08-28 pC f67 (wall) abuts f52 (^w) [Input: R826PC.j]
2014-12-03 cJC f69 (^a) abuts f52 (^w) [Input: YY06CJC.j]
2014-12-03 cJC f70 (^is) abuts f52 (^w) [Input: YY06CJC.j]
2001-08-01 lR f125 (^fc) abuts f52 (^w) [Input: L816LR.j]
2001-07-07 lR f53 (^ad) covers f52 (^w) [Input: L707LR.j]
Type of contact: contemporary events/movable items 2001-08-01 lR f52 (^w) bonds with f96 (^w) [Input: L816LR.j]
2001-08-01 lR f52 (^w) bonds with f113 (^w) [Input: L816LR.j]
Type of contact: earliest events 2007-08-20 sc f52 (^w) covers f95 (^w) [Input: R820PC.j]

Spatial Aggregation

Roster Date Author Record
Aggregate (to which element belongs) 2000-12-18 !! a10 (^s) [Input: A-CUMUL.j]

Time Sequencing

Roster Date Author Record
Stratum (to which element belongs) 2015-05-20 cJC s246AAH [Input: ZA520CJC.j]
Phase (to which element belongs) 2015-05-20 !! h6hAAH [Input: ZA520CJC.j]



Roster Date Author Record
Length 2001-07-07 lR 310 [Input: L707LR.j]
Reference to drawing (W files) 2001-09-10 lR w32 [Input: L910LR.j]


Roster Date Author Record
Ware or Material, species 2001-06-09 lr brick [Input: L815LR.j]
2001-06-09 lr clay [Input: L815LR.j]
Color 2001-06-09 lr pink [Input: L815LR.j]
Color number (Munsell) 2001-06-09 lr 7.5yr7/4 [Input: L815LR.j]
Hardness, compaction 2001-06-09 lr hard [Input: L815LR.j]
Texture, surface finish 2001-08-01 lR clay massive structure, straw inclusions [Input: L801LR.j]


Roster Date Author Record
Notes on function 2007-07-30 fab Originally thought to be a part of a drainage system (a5); however a5 was later understood as a rodent run. [Input: F-L819.j]


Analogical Record

Roster Date Author Record
Photo of context (v view)

2001-06-24 cC [Input: -M726-A.j]

2001-07-07 tR [Input: -M726-A.j]

2001-07-07 tR [Input: -M726-A.j]

2001-07-07 tR [Input: -M726-A.j]

2001-07-15 sV [Input: -M726-A.j]

2001-07-19 sV [Input: -M726-A.j]

2001-07-19 sV [Input: -M726-A.j]

2001-07-19 sV [Input: -M726-A.j]

2002-07-30 lR [Input: L818LR2.j]

2002-07-30 lR [Input: L818LR2.j]


Roster Date Author Record
Removed (feature), discarded/missing (item) 2001-06-09 lr current [Input: L815LR.j]