Unit Book A16


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Roster Date Author Record
Best image 2011-12-12 lC
v1a [Input: VZ12LC.j]
2014-11-06 cJC [Input: YY06CJC.j]



Roster Date Author Record
Daily notes about recovery of elements 2001-06-09 fAB We recovered some Khabur ceramic sherds that came out of the plastic covering separating backfill from previously excavated A13. These sherds are in q1 [Input: L630TR.j]
2001-06-09 lR we finished removing the backfill and exposed the mud brick structure a1 [Input: L630TR.j]
2001-06-10 fAB Work continues to focus on cleaning k1 and k6, cleaning section, and more than 1/2 the workmen are still busy removing the berm. We hope it is finished tomorrow by breakfast. [Input: L630TR.j]
2001-06-11 lR In order to find the foundation of a1 in k1 we decided to remove 15cm from the area north of the corner of a1 until the step. We called this feature f12 but did not finish excavating it today. Tomorrow we will remove the bricky mass on the SW corner to reach the wall and check to see if we encounter any defired bricks protruding out of the wall. We did find two stones in close proximity to the corner but appear not to be related to the mudbrick wall. [Input: L630TR.j]
2001-06-14 lR tR and cC scraped the North section to find the cut between f27 and f28 and shaved off the small section in the middle of the locus to see this line better. q25 is a mixture of the two features since the baulk was shaved and was unable to keep the pottery separated; this is noted in the q log. [Input: L630TR.j]
2001-07-04 fAB k1 has what may be the oldest material as yet uncovered in A16, a floor with no walls connected to it. [Input: L704FAB.j]
2001-07-23 sV To the North of a1, (outside the structure) we have a series of three floors coming out. The upper floor consists of pebble and sherd inclusions and can be associated with the stone foundation of the wall f114 found on the extreme North side of the locus (actually within the baulk/section). The floors are probably associated to an open area due to the irregular surface and slope of these floors (slopes west). Above the wall f7, which represents the northwest boundary of this outside area, we can see a 30cm reddish accumulation at the bottom of the wall f114, which belongs to phase 5c. To the west, there are a series of accumulations, which were cut by the pit f149 next to the northeast corner of a1. We assume that these accumulations still belong to phase 5b since they lie underneath the ashy layer f33 in k6. This layer also appears at the top of the East wall of a2, which is phase 5b. [Input: L818LR.j]
2001-07-25 lR In k1 we predict that this will be the most time consuming and slowest area to excavate since in the East section of A10 we see layers of sherd and pebble floors going down. We are leaving the wall in the Northwest corner f114 to see if it continues down. [Input: L728LR.j]
2001-07-26 lR In k1 we are removing another 15cm of a reddish brown soil throughout the area. In the Eastern side 50cm from the East baulk the soil has changed from a gray color to black likely the result of localized burning. A large amount of purple and green "kiln waste" chunks were found yesterday in the Northwest area next to the wall f114. In "kiln waste" I am referring to overfired material, which can be vitrified dung or clay. The soil is soft, ashy white in color with lots of burnt pottery and kiln waste. This localized firing pit continued 5-10cm down which exposed a chunky red layer below with blocky pieces of clay f173. [Input: L728LR.j]
Strategy (projected or implemented) 2001-06-09 lR We plan to excavate the southwest side of the locus at the corner of the wall where f4 and f7 intersect. We will try to uncover the base of the wall. [Input: L630TR.j]
2001-06-17 fAB see Incidentals\strategy under 2001-6-17 [Input: L617FAB.j]
2001-07-16 lR we will remove the east baulk in k1 after CI has drawn the section. [Input: L818LR.j]

Volumetric Localization

Roster Date Author Record
Elements within locus 2001-06-17 fAB a1 (^s), a4 (^bf) [Input: L724LR.j]
2001-06-09 lr f12 (^ac), f27 (^bf), f28 (accumulation a), f36 (^fa), f37 (^ba), f38 (^ly), f39 (^ly), f40 (^ly), f41 (^ly), f42 (^ly), f43 (^ly), f44 (^ly) [Input: L815LR.j]
2001-06-19 lR f57 (^ts) [Input: F-L819.j]
2001-06-09 lr f115 (^ly), f117 (^ly), f118 (installation), f120 (^fc), f121 (^fc), f123 (^aa) [Input: L815LR.j]
2001-07-15 lR f124 (^aa) [Input: F-L819.j]
2001-07-21 sV f145 (^aa), f146 (^fc) [Input: L729_SV.j]
2001-07-23 sV f159 (floor, type c) [Input: L729_SV.j]
2001-06-09 lr f166 (^a), f172 (stone foundation), f173 (^fi), f174 (^pt), f175 (^a), f179 (^ly) [Input: L815LR.j]
2007-07-14 sG f196 (layer) [Input: R714SG.j]
2001-06-21 fAB i12 (^fg) [Input: L818LR3.j]
2001-07-15 aBK i32 (^fg) [Input: L818LR3.j]
2001-07-28 sV i43 (^si) [Input: L818LR3.j]
2001-06-25 rAH q68.1 (unknown) [Input: N206RAH.j]
2001-06-11 lR q7 [Input: N114LR.j]
2001-06-14 sB q25 [Input: N114LR.j]
2001-06-20 tR q65 [Input: N114LR.j]
2001-06-21 sV q68 [Input: N114LR.j]
2001-06-21 cC q79, q81 [Input: N114LR.j]
2001-06-26 fAB q132 [Input: N114LR.j]
2001-06-26 lR q135 [Input: N114LR.j]
2001-06-27 sV q141 [Input: N114LR.j]
2001-06-30 tR q157 [Input: N114LR.j]
2001-07-12 sV q266, q268 [Input: -MX12-99.j]
2001-07-14 tR q276 [Input: -MX12-99.j]
2001-07-14 sV q281 [Input: -MX12-99.j]
2001-07-15 sV q286 [Input: -MX12-99.j]
2001-07-16 sV q298 [Input: -MX12-99.j]
2001-07-18 tR q319 [Input: -MX12-99.j]
2001-07-21 cV q337 [Input: -MX12-99.j]
2001-07-22 tR q340 [Input: -MX12-99.j]
2001-07-23 lR q357 [Input: -MX12-99.j]
2001-07-24 aBK q372 [Input: -MX12-99.j]
2001-07-25 tR q379 [Input: -MX12-99.j]
2001-07-25 sV q385 [Input: -MX12-99.j]
2001-07-25 tR q399 [Input: -MX12-99.j]
2001-07-25 lR q401, q405 [Input: -MX12-99.j]
2001-07-25 fAB q407 [Input: -MX12-99.j]
2001-07-26 sV q424, q428 [Input: -MX12-99.j]
2001-07-26 lR q433, q435 [Input: -MX12-99.j]
2001-07-26 tR q444 [Input: -MX12-99.j]
2001-07-28 lR q453, q454 [Input: -MX12-99.j]
2001-07-28 sV q460 [Input: -MX12-99.j]
2001-07-28 lR q465, q468, q469, q470 [Input: -MX12-99.j]
2001-07-28 fAB q475 [Input: -MX12-99.j]
2001-07-29 tR q484 [Input: -MX12-99.j]
2001-07-29 sV q490 [Input: -MX12-99.j]
2001-07-29 fAB q496 [Input: -MX12-99.j]
2001-07-29 tR q501, q502, q503, q510, q511 [Input: -MX12-99.j]
2001-07-30 tR q522 [Input: -MX12-99.j]
2001-07-30 sV q526 [Input: -MX12-99.j]
2014-04-15 cJC q951 [Input: Y415CJC.j]
Relays (applicable to elements) 2001-06-09 fAB rm2524: 400n, 400e [Input: L630LR.j]
North coordinate of relay 2001-07-03 fAB Layers from MZ12 in this locus all seem to cover or cap what is below. [Input: -M726-A.j]


Analogical Record

Roster Date Author Record
Photo of context (v view)

2001-06-06 fAB [Input: -M726-A.j]

2001-06-06 fAB [Input: -M726-A.j]

2001-06-06 fAB [Input: -M726-A.j]

2001-06-19 fAB [Input: -M726-A.j]

2001-07-19 sV [Input: L818LR2.j]

2001-07-23 fAB [Input: -M726-A.j]

2001-07-23 fAB [Input: -M726-A.j]

2002-07-17 lR [Input: -M726-A.j]

2002-07-17 lR [Input: -M726-A.j]

2002-07-30 lR [Input: L818LR2.j]

2002-07-30 lR [Input: L818LR2.j]

2002-07-30 lR [Input: L818LR2.j]
Notes on analogical record 2001-07-01 MISSING A16 has utilized A13 section drawings from MZ12 for the North and East sections of k1. [Input: L701LR.j]