Unit Book J1


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Analogical Record

Roster Date Author Record

2000-08-08 !! [Input: TMPL-K88.j]
View/drawing of aggregate 2009-09-01 lC a8 (Stone structure) [Input: T902LC.j]
View/drawing of features 2009-09-01 lC f72 (wall), f180 (bench), f196 (early escarpment), f239 (fill), f259 (wall), f278 (accumulation D), f288 (wall), f309 (early escarpment), f318 (installation), f336 (collapse), f349 (collapse) [Input: T902LC.j]
View/drawing of locus 2009-09-01 lC k127 [Input: T902LC.j]
View/drawing orientation 2009-09-01 lC looking north [Input: T902LC.j]
Text description of view 2009-09-01 lC View showing the two big parallel walls f72 and f288. In the background the ED III revetment wall f72 stands for an height of three meters. At its base there are the two escarpments: the ^esc2 abutting the revetment wall for more then one meter and the ^esc1 abutting just its bottom and clearly rising to the west, likely following the wall itself. In the foreground the stone structure a8 formed by two bonded walls, was covered by the two escarpments and originally its purpose was likely linked to a Late Chalcolithic plaza and high mound, with the same function of the later ED III revetment wall f72. [Input: T902LC.j]
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2009-09-01 dm [Input: J01V-T^.j]
Photo of view

2009-09-01 dm [Input: J01V-T^.j]