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Label includes another 2010-11-15cJC f224
Category 2010-11-15!! unknown
Definition 2010-11-15cJC ~wall

Description 2010-11-15cJC Curtain wall built in front of the revetment wall, extending perpendicularly from ^wal l3, during the period of the brickfall. This wall is above ^ctw l1 and follows the same lines although it is higher. It is separated from ^ctw l1 by a thick accumulation.

Time sequencing
Strata within phase 2010-11-15cJC s159J2B
Other reasons 2010-11-15cJC This wall is built during the brickfall as evidenced by the brickfall layers around it. It is similar to ^ctw l2 in construction and appears to be built at the same time (See v100).