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Phases for Unit J2

CjC – December 2011, January 2014

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A general overview of the phases is given in the introduction to the J2 book and observational notes during excavation are preserved on the right-hand side under Incidentals-Phases. Additionally, a more detailed look at the process of deposition is given under the depositional history. This section is intended to give a detailed explanation of each separate phase.

The earliest phase represented in J2 is Phase 3bJ2B with the construction of the first staircase. Phase 1J2B and Phase 2 have not been reached as of the end of excavations in 2009. Undoubtedly there are earlier deposits in J2 as indicated by the stairs of f380 which may extend deeper. Furthermore, excavations in J3 indicate that the mound of the temple terrace area was already quite high in Phase 1 and Phase 2 (Kelly-Buccellati 2010).

A large number of floors are attributed to Phase 3J2B. These floors are built up at the base of the first staircase and continue through the construction of the monumental access and build-up during the third millennium including Phase 3hJ2B, Phase 3jJ2B, Phase 3lJ2B, Phase 3mJ2B, Phase 3nJ2B, Phase 3pJ2B, Phase 3sJ2B, and Phase 3uJ2B.

Erosion appears to have removed the majority of the features associated with phase 4J2B, with the possible exception of some features near the base of the revetment wall. There are no known features dated to Phases 5J2B or 6J2B.

Phase 7J2B is dominated by the brickfall. Although the area was in the process of being covered by brickfall, there is evidence of scattered reuse throughout Phase 7.

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