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Label includes another 2010-11-28cJC f369
2010-11-28cJC f392

Description 2010-11-28cJC First floor associated with ^ap r1 and ^stai r2.

Recovery/Assignment and the Record
Argument 2010-11-28cJC Currently it is not known which floor is the first floor associated with the construction of the apron. The reasons for each floor are elucidated on their respective feature pages.

Time sequencing
Strata within phase 2010-11-28cJC s650J2B
Stratigraphic reasons 2010-11-28cJC The first floor, is by definition associated with the construction of the apron, staircase and revetment wall. Based on the material from J2 and othe units these constructions are dated to s650 s650J2B.
Other reasons 2010-11-28cJC f369 is dated to the mid-EDII by ceramics