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Label includes another 2012-10-16cJC f205
2012-10-16cJC f209
2012-10-16cJC f213
2012-10-16cJC f214
2012-10-16cJC f215
2012-10-16cJC f256
2012-10-16cJC f258
2012-10-16cJC f266
Category 2012-10-16!! unknown
Definition 2012-10-16cJC ~pavement

Description 2012-10-16cJC Upper-most pebble pavements against the first staircase ^stai r1. These prebble floors are characterized by EDIII sherds.

Time sequencing
Strata within phase 2012-10-16cJC s665J2B
Typological reasons 2012-10-16cJC Sherds in these floors are from the early EDIIIa period, a slight variation in the distribution of sherds from the preceding sequence of pebble floors (^p v2) which included a mix of EDIIIa and Ninevite 5 sherds.
Other reasons 2012-10-16cJC The pebble floors of this grouping show no distinct composition to distinguish them from the from the earlier pebble floors but the ceramics are typologically different therefore they have been separated into two groupings.