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Label includes another 2010-12-17cJC f2
2010-12-17cJC f3
2010-12-17cJC f6
2010-12-17cJC f18
2010-12-17cJC f19
2010-12-17cJC f29
2010-12-17cJC f33
2010-12-17cJC f34
2010-12-17cJC f36
2010-12-17cJC f38
2010-12-17cJC f42
2010-12-17cJC f50
2010-12-17cJC f53
2010-12-17cJC f57
2010-12-17cJC f58
2010-12-17cJC f64
2010-12-17cJC f67
2010-12-17cJC f68
2010-12-17cJC f167
2010-12-17cJC f184
2010-12-17cJC f243
2010-12-17cJC f360

Description 2010-12-17cJC Topsoil layers including modern materials and growing plants

Time sequencing
Strata within phase 2010-12-17cJC s20J2B
Stratigraphic reasons 2010-12-17cJC Stratigraphically the topsoil belongs to the most recent periods, with the exception of activities associated with the excavation (backfill etc.) which are attributed to s10- s10J2A.