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Processed on 06-09-2016
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Label includes another 2010-12-3cJC a0005
2010-12-3cJC f15
2010-12-3cJC f16
2010-12-3cJC f17
2010-12-3cJC f22
Category 2010-12-3!! unknown
Definition 2010-12-3cJC ~use area

Description 2010-12-3cJC Use areas associated with the scattered stones at or above the levels of the second apron (^ap r2). This includes the collapsed or placed stones (see v507)

Recovery/Assignment and the Record
Harmonization 2010-12-3cJC The stratum for this use was updated to J2B sequence on Wx16 by cJC

Time sequencing
Strata within phase 2010-12-3cJC s70J2B
Other reasons 2010-12-3cJC The scattered stones are in the uppermost accumulations after the monumental access had already been covered.