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Processed on 06-09-2016
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Category 2005-8-17!! build-up
Definition 2005-8-17sC accumulation D

Description 2005-8-21sC f190 is a natural accumulation in the E baulk of k14. It is characterized by the presence of very hard surfaces alternated to layers characterized by a crumb and sandy loam texture (what remain of water deposit). Once picked, f190 assume a blocky and platy structure, depending on which is the surface excavated. The layers characterized by a crumb texture disintegrated into a incoherent structure, while the water deposits (characterized by a sandy loam texture) assumed a platy structure which are very hard in consistence and are characterized by the presence of little pebbles (of thiny dimensions, i.e. 0,1cm to 0,3cm). It is grayish in color. f190 is the same of f162, and being the E baulk of k14 abuts f162.;

Volumetric localization
Locus 2005-8-17sC k14
Elevation 2005-8-17sC 8950 @bottom
2005-8-17sC 9055 @top

Contact association
Type of contact: Contemporary events/Movable items 2005-8-17sC q515 sits in f190
2005-8-17sC q516 sits in f190
Type of contact: Latest events 2005-8-3mH f191 (isolated stone) rests on f190
Type of contact: Earliest events 2005-8-3mH f190 abuts f162 (lense D)
2005-8-3mH f190 abuts f191 (isolated stone)
Inclusions 06-09-2016 !! frequencies of ceramic vessels and sherds included within feature

Time sequencing
Stratum to which element belongs 2011-11-11cJC s122J2B
Phase to which stratum belongs 2011-11-11cJC h7vJ2B
Stratigraphic reasons 2005-9-14mH = f156, f159, f161, and f162
Other reasons 2005-9-14mH E baulk
2011-5-16cJC same as other brickfall elevations according to mH
2011-11-21cJC Due to the thickness of this feature it likely includes multiple strata. The topmost elevations of this feature are in the range of the last Mittani use of the area although the lower elevations probably include portions of the post-brickfall use.

Color definition 2005-8-17sC gray (dry), greyish brown (wet)
2005-8-21sC light gray
Hardness 2005-8-17sC medium
Texture 2005-8-17sC crumbly

Storage 2005-8-17sC P817