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Description 2005-8-13aL East of k100. We established this locus in order to create a west-facing stepped section for k100 .

Recovery/Assignment and the Record
Daily 2005-8-13mH This locus was established today. It is located to the east of k100 and it will be used to create a sloped section on the eastern wall of k100. The western edge of the locus is defined by the edge of k100 and its eastern edge is defined by a north-south line starting from m4046 and going south. aL will be keeping on eye on the work in this unit. We excavated one q-lot ( q441) in the topsoil feature ( f167) of this locus.
2005-8-14aL we have continued the removal of top soil from the whole area but we stopped excavation due to a change in strategy.
2005-8-20vVE Excavation was continued in k102 in the hope that eventually we might be able to make the work in k100 (the German trench) more safe by having created a stepped or sloping section.
Strategy 2005-8-14aL excavation closed.

Volumetric localization
Space definition 2005-8-13aL m4046
Size of sides 2005-8-13aL 400 cms West, 1000 cms South