Unit Book J2


Processed on 2024-05-31



Roster Date Author Record
Description (summary) 2009-09-02 cJC This locus was assigned to the construction of the cement staircase in the south of J2 k5. The staircase extends from the surface of the tell, east of the panorama down to the level even with the lowest step of the apron (f131). The staircase was constructed in MZ20 (2007) by a team of workmen under the direction of lC. This staircase was built to give access to the monumental staircase and the apron from the south. It was rendered obsolete in MZ21 when J7 was excavated and the entry to J2 was provided via the long trench and a small staircase in the south of J7. Q-items were collected and records kept but the records were lost in MZ21. In MZ22 the q-items were located and were assigned new numbers as the numbers used by lC were reused by the excavations in MZ22. All the q-lots from MZ20 were reassigned to one q-lot, q901, which is the last of the MZ22 sequence. These items have all been located and renumbered to the best of our ability in MZ22. [Input: T902CJC2.j]