Unit Book J2


Processed on 2024-05-31


Roster Date Author Record
Best definition 2004-07-12 ap pottery [Input: O712MH.j]



Roster Date Author Record
Description (summary) 2010-09-19 mKB 1 necked jar with squared rim, 1 fine s ware bowl EdIII, 1 flaring rim jar, rest body sherds [Input: U919MKB.j]
Notes on quantity 2010-09-19 mKB 82 tota [Input: U919MKB.j]
Notes on designation 2010-09-19 mKB f 50 [Input: U919MKB.j]


Volumetric Localization

Roster Date Author Record
Locus 2004-07-12 ap k83 [Input: O712MH.j]
Origin of elevation 2004-07-12 ap m3679 [Input: O712MH.j]
Tie to elevation 2004-07-12 ap 165 [Input: O712MH.j]
Extension of locus or q-lot 2004-07-12 ap wk [Input: O712MH.j]
Length of two sides 2004-07-12 ap wk [Input: O712MH.j]
Start elevation for q-lots 2004-07-12 ap 156 [Input: O712MH.j]
Cms down for q-lots 2004-07-12 ap 20 [Input: O712MH.j]
Notes on volumetric localization 2004-07-12 ap Going down with topsoil. [Input: O712MH.j]

Contact Association

Roster Date Author Record
Type of contact: contemporary events/movable items 2004-07-12 ap q121 (pottery) sits in f50 (topsoil) [Input: O712MH.j]

Time Sequencing

Roster Date Author Record
Stratum (to which element belongs) 2011-11-11 !! s20J2B [Input: VY11CJC.j]
Phase (to which element belongs) 2010-12-17 !! ^ts [Input: T914CJC.j]
2011-11-11 !! h9mJ2B [Input: VY11CJC.j]