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Category 2005-8-20!! unknown
Definition 2005-8-20aL pottery, bones

Description 2005-8-20vVE When removing the dirt from q538 the pottery bag became too full and therefore the rest of the pottery from this lot was collected in q544.
List of components 2005-8-21aK q538.1
2005-9-1dM q538.1
2006-6-9!! q538.1
2006-6-9!! q538-p1
2006-6-9!! q538-p2
2006-6-9!! q538-p3
2006-6-9!! q538-p4
2006-6-9!! q538-p5
2006-6-9!! q538-p6
2006-6-9!! q538-p7
2006-6-9!! q538-p8
2006-6-9!! q538-p9
2006-6-9!! q538-p10
2006-6-9!! q538-p11
2006-6-9!! q538-p12
2006-6-9!! q538-p13
2006-6-9!! q538-p14
2006-6-9!! q538-p15
2006-6-9!! q538-p16
2006-6-9!! q538-p17
2006-6-9!! q538-p18
2006-6-9!! q538-p19
2006-6-9!! q538-p20
2006-6-9!! q538-p21
2006-6-9!! q538-p22
2006-6-9!! q538-p23
2006-6-9!! q538-p24
2006-6-9!! q538-p25
2006-6-9!! q538-p26
2006-6-9!! q538-p27
2006-6-9!! q538-p28
2006-6-9!! q538-p29
2006-6-9!! q538-p30
2006-6-9!! q538-p31
2006-6-9!! q538-p32
2006-6-9!! q538-p33
2006-6-9!! q538-p34
2006-6-9!! q538-p35
2006-6-9!! q538-p36
2006-6-9!! q538-p37
2006-6-9!! q538-p38
2006-6-9!! q538-p70
2006-6-9!! q538-p71
2006-6-9!! q538-p72
2006-6-9!! q538-p73
2006-6-9!! q538-p74
2006-6-9!! q538-p75
2006-6-9!! q538-p76
2006-6-9!! q538-p77
2006-6-9!! q538-p78
2006-6-9!! q538-p79
2006-6-9!! q538-p80
2006-6-9!! q538-p81
2006-6-9!! q538-p82
2009-8-30sA q538-p70
2009-8-30sA q538-p71
2009-8-30sA q538-p72
2009-8-30sA q538-p73
2009-8-30sA q538-p74
2009-8-30sA q538-p75
2009-8-30sA q538-p76
2009-8-30sA q538-p77
2009-8-30sA q538-p78
2009-8-30sA q538-p79
2009-8-30sA q538-p80
2009-8-30sA q538-p81
2009-8-30sA q538-p82
2009-9-3hH q538-p4
2009-9-3hH q538-p1
2009-9-3hH q538-p2
2009-9-3hH q538-p3
2009-9-3hH q538-p5
2009-9-3hH q538-p6
2009-9-3hH q538-p7
2009-9-3hH q538-p8
2009-9-3hH q538-p9
2009-9-3hH q538-p10
2009-9-3hH q538-p11
2009-9-3hH q538-p12
2009-9-3hH q538-p13
2009-9-3hH q538-p14
2009-9-3hH q538-p15
2009-9-3hH q538-p16
2009-9-3hH q538-p17
2009-9-3hH q538-p18
2009-9-3hH q538-p19
2009-9-3hH q538-p20
2009-9-3hH q538-p21
2009-9-3hH q538-p22
2009-9-3hH q538-p23
2009-9-3hH q538-p24
2009-9-3hH q538-p25
2009-9-3hH q538-p26
2009-9-3hH q538-p27
2009-9-3hH q538-p28
2009-9-3hH q538-p29
2009-9-3hH q538-p30
2009-9-3hH q538-p31
2009-9-3hH q538-p32
2009-9-3hH q538-p33
2009-9-3hH q538-p34
2009-9-3hH q538-p35
2009-9-3hH q538-p36
2009-9-3hH q538-p37
2009-9-3hH q538-p38
2014-1-2cJC q538.1

Volumetric localization
Locus 2005-8-20aL k15
Origin of elevation 2005-8-20aL m4035 (9120) + 148 (height of instrument) - 33
Space definition 2005-8-20aL wk
Starting elevation 2005-8-20aL 9005

Contact association
Type of contact: Earliest events 2005-8-20aL q538 sits in f193 (accumulation D)

Time sequencing
Stratum to which element belongs 2006-6-9!! s122J2B
Phase to which stratum belongs 2006-6-9!! h7vJ2B