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Processed on 06-09-2016
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Category 2009-8-16!! unknown
Definition 2009-8-16cJC pottery, bones
A98.NDesignation 2009-9-23mKB f382

List of components 2006-6-9!! q892.1
2006-6-9!! q892.2
2006-6-9!! q892.3
2006-6-9!! q892.4
2006-6-9!! q892.5
2006-6-9!! q892.6
2006-6-9!! q892-p1
2006-6-9!! q892-p2
2006-6-9!! q892-p3
2006-6-9!! q892-p4
2006-6-9!! q892-p5
2006-6-9!! q892-p6
2006-6-9!! q892-p7
2006-6-9!! q892-p8
2006-6-9!! q892-p9
2006-6-9!! q892-p10
2006-6-9!! q892-p11
2009-8-15sH q892.1
2009-8-15sH q892.2
2009-8-15sH q892.3
2009-8-15sH q892.4
2009-8-15sH q892.5
2009-8-15sH q892.6
2009-8-22dM q892.1
2009-8-22dM q892.3
2009-8-22dM q892.4
2009-8-22dM q892.6
2009-8-22sH q892.1
2009-8-22sH q892.2
2009-8-22sH q892.3
2009-8-22sH q892.4
2009-8-22sH q892.5
2009-8-22sH q892.6
2009-8-25cJC q892.1
2009-8-25cJC q892.3
2009-8-25cJC q892.4
2009-8-25cJC q892.5
2009-8-25cJC q892.6
2009-8-30cJC q892.2
2009-9-23hH q892-p1
2009-9-23hH q892-p2
2009-9-23hH q892-p3
2009-9-23hH q892-p4
2009-9-23hH q892-p5
2009-9-23hH q892-p6
2009-9-23hH q892-p7
2009-9-23hH q892-p8
2009-9-23hH q892-p9
2009-9-23hH q892-p10
2009-9-23hH q892-p11
2010-8-17bS q892.2
2010-8-17bS q892.6
2010-8-17jS q892.4
2010-8-24dM q892.4
2010-8-24dM q892.6
2014-1-2cJC q892.1
2014-1-2cJC q892.3
2014-1-2cJC q892.4
2014-1-2cJC q892.6

Volumetric localization
Locus 2009-8-16cJC k100
Relays 2009-8-17cJC 1122 (38692 51240 - 8604 / Relay location: NE corner q892)
Origin of elevation 2009-8-16cJC m6227 (8693) + 144 (height of instrument) - 55 - 30 @bottom
Space definition 2009-8-16cJC r1122
Size of sides 2009-8-16cJC 170 cms South, 160 cms West
Starting elevation 2009-8-16cJC 8604
Ending elevation 2009-8-16cJC 8574

Contact association
Type of contact: Earliest events 2009-8-16cJC q892 sits in f383 (fill 1)

Time sequencing
Stratum to which element belongs 2006-6-9!! s660J2B
Phase to which stratum belongs 2006-6-9!! h3lJ2B
Typological reasons 2009-9-23mKB - p2 coarse jar with rounded rim (LC3?), - p1 very heavy coarse jar with pointed rim (LC3?), - p3 flaring rim jar with squared rim, - p6 flaring rim jar with deeply incised groove on the interior, - p5 bowl? with interior groove, - p4, - p9, - p10 conical cups in Simple ware, - p8 small jar or bottle, - p11 small bowl with beaded rim
I99.NTime 2009-9-23mKB Phase 3s