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Volumetric localization
North Coordinate 2005-8-22sC 39063
East Coordinate 2005-8-22sC 50851
Elevation 2005-8-22sC 4024
Relay Definition 2005-8-22sC feature limit on N baulk
2005-8-22sC top
Constituent 2005-8-22sC f216
Method of measurement 2005-8-22sC taped
Origin of tie 1 2005-8-22sC 4094
Origin of tie 2 2005-8-22sC 4095
Origin of elevation 2005-8-22sC 4094+73
Tie 1 2005-8-22sC 230
Tie 2 2005-8-22sC 325
Tie for elevation 2005-8-22sC 143