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Summary 2009-8-25cJC Alternate view of f384. This view shows the relation of the stones ( f384) to the fill f383 in the south and east sections. Particularly notable is the total absence of stones in the fill of the pit ( f383) in contrast to the positioning of the stones of f384 parallel to the cut of the pit ( f382).

Analogical record
Aggregate(s) within view 2009-8-17mCT a12
Feature(s)within view 2009-8-17mCT f292, f382, f384, f385
Locus/i within view 2009-8-17mCT k100
Orientation 2009-8-17mCT ~S
Description of view 2009-8-17mCT Showing placement of f384 at the bottom of pit a12 sitting in f385

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Photo 2009-8-17 dM L_V22d2126