Unit Book J4
J4 Synthetic View / Typology / Built Environment

Structures in Unit J4

Yasmine Mahmoud – September 2023

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^wall1 f10 Apron like structure in the NW portion of k71 dating to the early Akkadian period v6
^wall2 f161 brick wall in the N baulk of k73 pertaining to Mittani horizon v71
^wall3 f162 brick pile in the N baulk of k73 pertaining to Mittani horizon. v73
^wall4 f84 some limestones near the N baulk of K62 and close the ^wall 3, aligning SW-NE and pertaining to Mittani horizon v100
^wall5 single row of limestones running SW-NE in K62 pertaining to Mittani horizon v56

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The structures of J4 are limited to what we have identified as walls, even when we only have a single row of stones or bricks. The reason behind such identification is the intentional structuring, even if, for the moment, we are unable to determine the function of these wall.

The most defined of these wall structures is f10 (^wall1) which resembles an apron like structure that we think of as part of a larger stone structure. The alignment and building technique are similar to the secondary apron of J2 hence the assumption that it was a part of this apron despite the difference in elevation which was attributed to the reuse of the stones that would have been located in k81 and k72. This structure was ultimately understood as part of the revetment wall.

^wall2 and ^wall3 are part of the same brick wall, where f162 was assigned to the damaged portion of the wall. Under the bricks of f161 there appears to be some large pebbles that could have been the foundation of a much higher wall. The two walls bond with the bin installation f93 directly south of it and belong to the same Mittani horizon, making it possible that they served as the northern limit of the bin, however, we do not know for sure.

^wall4 is a single row of lime stones resembling f10 in the type of construction with no evidence of its function thus far. The resemblance with ^wall1 is only morphological as ^wall4 belong to the Mittani period as it sits in a layer of Mittani accumulation f66. ^wall5 is similar in structure where we have a single row of lime stones without a clear function.

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