Unit Book J5


Processed on 2023-10-21


Roster Date Author Record
Included in other label 2011-06-10 jW ^a5 (vm) [Input: V610JW.j]
2022-08-21 jW a18 (volumetric material) [Input: ZG821jW1.j]
Category !! !! other features
Best definition 2008-08-05 sNP volumetric material [Input: S914LH.j]
Summary 2012-12-16 jW Undifferentiated soil excavated from the east baulk of k43 and covering accumulations f94 and f114. [Input: WZ16JW.j]
Best image 2008-08-11 lH
v63 [Input: S811LH2.j]



Roster Date Author Record
Description (summary) 2008-08-05 jW Volumetric material comprising the upper layers of late accumulation (f55, and f59) in the eastern baulk of k43, which will be removed as one feature, f103. We divided the last mentioned baulk into three parts to collect pottery that will help understand the transition between the Middle Assyrian Mittani phases. The top layers are late accumulation, f103. The Middle Assyrian accumulation is f94, a separate feature. Also the Mittani features, f98 and f100 will be another separate feature. [Input: S805JW1.j]



Roster Date Author Record
Harmonization 2008-08-05 jW Features for the east baulk of k43 are the features located in the west baulk of k33 (identical but opposite side) because there was insufficient room between the east baulk of k43 and the stone structure f71 (immediately to its west) to properly see and designate features, then excavate the baulk from its (normal) west side. [Input: S805JW1.j]

Volumetric Localization

Roster Date Author Record
Locus 2008-08-05 sNP k33 [Input: S914LH.j]
M#/elev @top 2008-08-05 sNP 9267 [Input: S914LH.j]
M#/elev @bottom 2008-08-05 sNP 9178 [Input: S914LH.j]

Contact Association

Roster Date Author Record
Type of contact: contemporary events/movable items 2008-08-06 sNP q158 (pottery) sits in f103 (volumetric material) [Input: S806DL1.j]
Type of contact: earliest events 2008-09-12 lH f103 (volumetric material) covers f114 (accumulation A) [Input: S915LH.j]
2008-09-12 lH f103 (volumetric material) overlays f94 (accumulation D) [Input: S915LH.j]

Time Sequencing

Roster Date Author Record
Stratum (to which element belongs) 2012-10-16 jW s0J5B [Input: WX16JW.j]
Phase (to which element belongs) 2012-10-16 !! h9sJ5B [Input: WX16JW.j]



Roster Date Author Record
Ware or Material, species 2008-08-05 sNP so [Input: S914LH.j]
Color 2008-08-05 sNP brown [Input: S914LH.j]
Color number (Munsell) 2008-08-05 sNP 10 YR 4/3 [Input: S914LH.j]
Hardness, compaction 2008-08-05 sNP >4.5 [Input: S914LH.j]
Texture, surface finish 2008-08-05 sNP baulk soil [Input: S914LH.j]


Analogical Record

Roster Date Author Record
View/drawing of features

2008-08-17 sNP [Input: S819DL2.j]

2008-08-24 lH [Input: S824LH.j]

2008-08-24 lH [Input: S824LH.j]


Roster Date Author Record
Removed (feature), discarded/missing (item) 2008-08-05 sNP S805 [Input: S914LH.j]