Unit Book J5
J5 Synthetic View / Stratigraphy

Strata for Unit J5

James L. Walker – May 2020

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The strata sequence currently used is J5B, it is a sequence based on the J5 data and is unique to J5. It is a component of the final version of the JPD developed during the 2011 and 2012 study seasons. (The JPD sequence was formed by the amalgamation of unit sequences from J1, J2, J3, and J5.) The previous unit sequence, J5A, can be found here.

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The strata definition chart (J5B)

phase stratum sub-stratum definition of stratum and sub-stratum
9s 00 Intentionally unassigned (f103)
9p 10 Interseasonal Accumulations (f201)
9m 20 Topsoil on tell surface (f1)
9m 30 First accumulations under topsoil (f7)
9c 50 Late accumulations including soil lenses (f22)
8r 60 Temporary occupations (f26)
8m 70 Minor Middle Assyrian accumulations (f12, f13)
7v 120 Last Mittani accumulations (f75)
7v 122 Construction of alternate entrance to temple mound (f37)
7v 128 Remodeling of entrance (f45, f192)
7s 130 Use of Western Temple Entrance (f63)
7m 148 Westward expansion of temple mound (f21, f70)
7j 161 Continued erosion of built-up surfaces and attempts to control it (f155, f218, f222)
7f 174 Soil escarpment against early revetment wall (f74).
7f 176 Accumulations atop soil and sherd floors (f244)
7f 178 Stone staircase and associated floor (f205, f246).
7f 180 Mittani structures to contol water erosion against revetment wall
7f 180a     Brick dam and settling basin to control erosion (^wcs2).
7f 180b     Mittani accumulations atop EDIII glacis (f190, f191).
7c 190 Earliest Mittani deposits (f258).
3s 620 EDIII accumulations covering and abutting escarpments (f249).
3p 630 Construction of the second (mud) escarpment (f241, f242).
3n 640 First floors and deposits atop first (stone) escarpment.
3n 640a     Deposits atop floors and escarpment stones (f274).
3n 640b     First floor after SE wall constructed (278).
3m 650 EDIII modifications and additions to the revetment wall.
3m 650a     Slanted stones between EDIII wall and NinV escarpment (f293, z2).
3m 650b     Construction of the SE portion of the revetment wall (f189).
3l 660 Floors abutting the stone excarpment.
3l 660a     Accumulations on pebble floor (f282).
3l 660b     Pebble floor that abuts stone escarpment (f288).
3d 720 Ninevite V construction of west part of revetment wall system (f41, ^esc1)
2m 850 Earliest wall LC3? (f284).

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