Unit Book J5


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Roster Date Author Record
Best image 2009-03-13 jW [Input: T313JW.j]



Roster Date Author Record
Description (summary) 2008-07-20 lH This locus was the expected location of the northern extension of the revetment wall system excavated (as unit J1) in previous seasons. Among other things, it yeilded the monumental staircase, f21. [Input: S720LH1.j]



Roster Date Author Record
Daily notes about recovery of elements 2008-07-13 lH We began excavating this locus today. Under topsoil, f1, is natural accumulation, f7. In the Northeastern quadrant we found i1 which is a body of an animal figurine with broken head and legs. A stone hearth, f8, was in the southwest quadrant. [Input: S713LH.j]
2008-07-14 lH We continued digging natural accumulation, f7, but we noticed the same differences which is in k23 also near the western border, but it was 10cm deeper than that in k23. But we didn`t consider it as a new feature because it`s not different in the nature of its deposition from f7. The q-item q8.1 is an obsidian fragment. [Input: S714LH.j]
2008-07-15 lH We removed f7, from which we got a clay body of animal figurine,i5. At the western border and towards the east we found new natural lens, f12, that could be the ancient surface of the terrace at the end of the last period of settlement. In the Eastern half we found soft soil, f13. In the NE quadrant was a line of at least three large limestone blocks, f14, running east to west. We phtographed f12 and f13 in v6. Photo v7 shows the line of stones, f14, and a Mittani sherd which was directly on top of the stones. The stones of f14 are at elevation 9181. [Input: S715LH.j]
2008-07-16 lH We found more stones that were part of the installation of stones, f14. The hard accumulation in the west half of the locus, f12, may be covering more stones of f14, so we decided to remove f12 after we had photos for f12, f13, f14, in v10. We found another Mittani rim sherd among the stones, f14, that belongs to q17. Beside that we found a broken base of Mittani goblet that belongs to q20. [Input: S716LH1.j]
2008-07-18 lH We continued removing the natural accumulation, f12, where we found a new line of stones, f21, that runs in south-north direcion. [Input: S718LH.j]
2008-07-22 lH We started to excavate the southwestern quadrant of this locus, by removing the natural accumulation, f52. We found at least two steps below and to the west of the original stones of f21. The new steps are made of large dressed stones. [Input: S722LH1.j]
2008-07-22 mO we divided the square in two parts. We dug in the southern part in the SW corner. We found the continuation of NS line of stones, f21. There are at last three additional steps to the west. [Input: S722MO.j]
2008-07-23 lH We continued digging the western edge, and removing the natural accumulation, f52. The last mentioned feature seemed to cover another line of stones which is the third step in the staircase, f21, discovered by probinging the accumulation, f52, along the western baulk with the Shish. So after exposing the third step in the southwestern quadrant of k24, we took a new photo of it, v29. [Input: S724LH.j]
2008-07-24 lH We continued removing the natural accumulation, f52, from the western border of this locus. At the northwestern corner we found a horizontal big stone, that offers the northern limit for the staircase. To the north of it we found a lens that is very compact and full of pebbles. [Input: S724LH1.j]
2008-07-28 lH We discovered that three layers abut the stones of f14. The natural accumuation, f52, is the highest layer that abuts the stones of f14. We temporarily left a portion in the northeastern corner, so that we could photograph it and the two new features that appears under it, f65 and f66. The first feature, f65, is a highly compact floor that is full of pebbles and pottery sherds, with a flat surface. It extends from the northeastern corner of this locus to about 130 cm to the east. The second feature, f66, covers f65. It is a compact natural accumulation, with irregular surface. After cleaning the locus with its new features, we photographed them, v37. Then we removed the rest of f52 in the southeastern corner to find that f66 continues its extention under the natural accumulation of f52. [Input: S728LH.j]
2008-08-13 jW The east and north baulks were drawn and photographed on S812 and S813, respectively. See v74, v75, w14, w13. We began removing the east baulk as f133. In the baulk were an extension to the north of stone installation, f14, and a clear indication that f14 was identical to installation, f108, in k14. In addition we found an N-S line of stones, f140, which resemble those that form the west face of the top of staircase, f21. [Input: S813JW.j]
Strategy (projected or implemented) 2008-07-13 lH Tomorrow at first light we will photograph f8 and then remove it. [Input: S713LH.j]
2008-07-14 lH Tomorrow, we are going to take v5 for the new features f10, f11 in k23 because we will remove them. [Input: S714LH.j]

Volumetric Localization

Roster Date Author Record
Elements within locus 2009-04-06 jW a6 (staircase) [Input: T406JW.j]
2008-07-12 sNP f1 (topsoil) [Input: S914LH.j]
2008-07-13 lH f7 (accumulation D) [Input: S914LH.j]
2008-07-13 sNP f8 (isolated stone) [Input: S914LH.j]
2008-07-15 sNP f12 (accumulation D) [Input: S914LH.j]
2008-07-15 dL f13 (accumulation D) [Input: S914LH.j]
2008-07-14 lH f14 (stone installation) [Input: S914LH.j]
2008-07-17 lH f21 (stone installation) [Input: S914LH.j]
2008-07-22 sNP f52 (accumulation D) [Input: S914LH.j]
2008-07-28 lH f65 (accumulation B), f66 (accumulation D) [Input: S914LH.j]
2008-07-29 sNP f69 (floor, type c) [Input: S914LH.j]
2008-08-13 sNP f133 (volumetric material) [Input: S914LH.j]
2008-08-14 dL f140 (stone installation) [Input: S914LH.j]
2008-07-13 lH i1 (figurine) [Input: T323JW.j]
2008-07-15 dL i3 (uncertain), i5 (figurine) [Input: T323JW.j]
2008-07-13 sNP q1 (pottery) [Input: S713DL.j]
2008-07-13 lH q3 (bones, pottery), q4 (pottery) [Input: S713DL.j]
2008-07-14 dL q6 (pottery), q8 (pottery) [Input: S714DL2.j]
2008-07-14 lH q9 (pottery) [Input: S714DL3.j]
2008-07-14 mO q12 (pottery) [Input: S714DL3.j]
2008-07-14 sNP q14 (pottery) [Input: S714DL3.j]
2008-07-14 dL q16 (r86) [Input: S714DL3.j]
2008-07-16 mO q17 (bones, pottery) [Input: S716MO2.j]
2008-07-16 dL q20 (pottery), q21 (bones, pottery), q23 (pottery) [Input: S716MO2.j]
2008-07-17 dL q24 (pottery) [Input: S722DL1.j]
2008-07-22 sNP q63 (pottery) [Input: S722DL1.j]
2008-07-23 mO q66 (pottery) [Input: S723DL3.j]
2008-07-23 sNP q71 (pottery) [Input: S723DL3.j]
2008-07-24 sNP q75 (pottery) [Input: S726DL2.j]
2008-07-28 lH q90 (bones, pottery) [Input: S728DL.j]
2008-08-13 sNP q189 (bones, pottery) [Input: S813DL1.j]
Relays (applicable to elements) 2008-08-12 sNP r620 (43801 46280 - 9239 / Relay location: W limit) [Input: S813DL2R.j]
2008-08-12 sNP r621 (43662 46633 - 9239 / Relay location: E limit) [Input: S813DL2R.j]
2008-08-13 sNP r622 (43662 46633 - 9239 / Relay location: N limit) [Input: S813DL2R.j]
2008-08-13 sNP r623 (43302 46497 - 9239 / Relay location: S limit) [Input: S813DL2R.j]
Extension of locus or q-lot 2008-07-20 lH m4667 [Input: S720LH1.j]
Length of two sides 2008-07-20 lH 500 E [Input: S720LH1.j]
2008-07-20 lH 500 N [Input: S720LH1.j]


Analogical Record

Roster Date Author Record
View/drawing of locus

2008-07-13 lH [Input: S714DL5.j]

2008-07-13 lH [Input: S714DL5.j]

2008-07-14 lH [Input: S714DL5.j]

2008-07-14 lH [Input: S714DL5.j]

2008-07-16 lH [Input: S716LH.j]

2008-07-16 lH [Input: S716LH.j]

2008-07-16 lH [Input: S716LH.j]

2008-07-16 lH [Input: S716LH.j]

2008-07-16 lH [Input: S716LH.j]

2008-07-22 sNP [Input: S819DL2.j]

2008-07-30 lH [Input: S730LH.j]

2008-07-30 lH [Input: S730LH.j]

2008-08-02 lH [Input: S802LH1.j]

2008-08-02 lH [Input: S802LH1.j]

2008-08-02 lH [Input: S802LH1.j]

2008-08-02 lH [Input: S802LH1.j]

2008-08-09 lH [Input: S809LH.j]

2008-08-09 lH [Input: S809LH.j]

2008-08-11 lH [Input: S811LH.j]

2008-08-11 lH [Input: S811LH.j]

2008-08-11 lH [Input: S811LH.j]

2008-08-11 lH [Input: S811LH.j]

2008-08-11 lH [Input: S811LH.j]

2008-08-12 sNP [Input: S819DL2.j]

2008-08-12 sNP [Input: S819DL2.j]

2008-08-13 sNP [Input: S813DL4.j]

2008-08-13 sNP [Input: S813DL4.j]

2008-08-13 sNP [Input: S813DL4.j]

2008-08-13 sNP [Input: S813DL4.j]

2008-08-14 jW [Input: S823JW.j]

2008-08-14 jW [Input: S823JW.j]

2008-08-14 jW [Input: S823JW.j]

2008-08-14 jW [Input: S823JW.j]

2008-08-14 jW [Input: S823JW.j]

2008-08-14 jW [Input: S823JW.j]

2008-09-19 jW [Input: S919JW.j]

2008-09-19 jW [Input: S919JW.j]

2008-09-19 jW [Input: S919JW.j]

2008-09-19 jW [Input: S919JW.j]

2008-09-22 jW [Input: S922JW.j]

2009-03-23 jW [Input: T323JW1.j]

2009-03-30 jW [Input: T330JW1.j]

2010-08-12 jW [Input: U812JW.j]

2010-08-12 jW [Input: U812JW.j]

2010-08-12 jW [Input: U812JW.j]