A Grammar of the Archaeological Record

1. The System


Giorgio Buccellati – June 2010

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The first volume of the Grammar (“The System”) is given here in its entirety.

It serves as a practical guide for the application of the codes during the recording process and for the implementation of the programs in preparing, on a daily basis, the browser edition. As such, it is reserved to members of the staff working on the project.

As a matter of general interest, one will find here the compact Table of Contents.

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Compact Table of Contents

NB: Please note that the numbering system of the chapters in this first volume follows a specific standard (slightly different from the system used in the second volume): to each major section (i.e., A, B, C, D, E, F) a specific numbering span (set of ten) has been assigned (e.g., section A spans 1-10, section 2 spans 11-20, etc.); therefore, the chapter numbering is sometimes not progressive (i.e., there are gaps from one major section to the following one): this has been established on purpose, to keep the numbering system (divided into sets of ten) fully coherent.

1. System configuration

2. Nature of constituents
3. Constituent inventory
4. Constituent labels
5. Consituent properties

6. Main roster
7. Main lexicon
8. Special rosters
9. Special lexica
10. Standards

11. Principles
12. MZ frame
13. Sequences
14. Horizons

21. Typological Clustering: Introductory
22. Built environment
23. Objects
24. Samples

31. Analytical: Introductory
32. Archive structure
33. Text files

41. Synthetical: Introductory
42. Stratigraphy
43. Typology
44. Conservation
45. Presentation
46. Beyond
47. Tabulations

Alphabetical index
Topical index

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