Unit Book A6


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Roster Date Author Record
Description (summary) 1997-06-15 rK SE corner of sector D1 to go past the walls, minimally excavated as A8 during MZ9. [Input: H728RK1.J]
1997-07-02 rK The difference in top elevation between f401 and f402 indicate the slope of the uncut S border of the locus vs. the cut area where excavation continued. [Input: H708RK.J]
1997-07-05 dns Should be close to top of 3rd millennium wall--rebuilding of AK bldg?. Accumulation of E half is reddish, that of W half is a gray soil. Reddish because of tannur, accum around tannur only is reddish. Wall may be showing up in N part of square. Very ashy in E part of square, around tannur. A few stones appearing close to S baulk, in middle of square. [Input: H708DNSD.J]



Roster Date Author Record
Daily notes about recovery of elements 1997-07-02 rK The top of this area (k31) had been excavated during MZ9 as area A8. The excavated depth was close to the sod layer at the W, but almost a meter below the surface at the E. [Input: H708RK.J]
1997-07-06 rK We began removal of the N baulk by strata. The upper ashy layer, f402, was removed from most of the baulk. [Input: H708RK.J]
1997-07-06 rK We have come to the top of the brick of f210 in k30; although it stands 0.5m higher than the preserved levels of the wall to the N. Henceforth, the floor & other accumulations on either side of the wall will be treated separately. W of the wall, the accum. @ this level is clean of ash. [Input: H708RK.J]
1997-07-06 rK A gypsum-like floor covers the extant top of the tannurs, f406,407. It appears that the tannurs were razed to level the area before the floor surface was laid. The floor may not have existed over all of the locus. We could find it at the NW end in the protective baulk when that was removed. This was simply layered over a lower ash floor and it would appear that there was no compacting of material underneath to lay this floor, if it was indeed one. [Input: H726RK2.J]
1997-07-08 rK current elevation 8670-148, equals ca. 8520. [Input: H726RK2.J]
1997-07-09 dns possible burial under platform in NW corner. [Input: H723RK.J]
1997-07-16 rK f419 was cut as a trench 20cm W of the expected top of f210, to a width of 60cm to the W, as a l00cm long strip, 30cm down. Since the accum. @ the elevation definitely was a the top levels of wall f210, the accum. was assigned f# 454. f454 was further excavated to a depth of ca. 50cm. [Input: H726RK2.J]
1997-07-17 dns In k31 we are going down in the area adjoining the expected meeting place of walls f200 and 210. We have been able to trace the faces of the brick wall to the S (in line with f210) and brick and stone to the E (in line with f200) at this level. It seemed during the excavation that there was a wall along the N of the locus at its W end. But clearing the wall & scraping it removed all signs of it. Most likely, this consisted of alternating layers of accumulation and accumulation high in chaff; or, it could be some wall like structure built out of mud and chaff. We were able to trace the W face of f210/418 continuing Southward, and the N face of f200 continuing Eastward where the walls meet to form the SE corner of the room D1, kitchen, within locus k31. Excavation downward all of a sudden revealed a cavity in the accumulation below (see v142). It is not clear at this point if the cavity was the result of some settling in pit cut down and filled at a later time, or the existence of some structure within the kitchen room. [Input: H726RK2.J]
Strategy (projected or implemented) 1997-07-06 rK We shall remove the protective ca. 40 cm high baulk we have left to the N. This was left to prevent objects from spilling over to k22, several meters below. There is also a baulk to the W, but since is much more likely to disrupt work below, we shall wait regarding it. [Input: H708RK.J]
1997-07-09 dns Will remove 5 cm off the top over the locus, will then scrape, brush and examine; also 5 cm off top of wall. [Input: H723RK.J]
Procedures 1997-07-06 rK We will remove the protective baulk N of k31 as we did part of the S baulk of k30, previously. We will leave a think wall at the edge while removing the rest with the large pick. The thin wall will then be pulled in as carefully as possible. [Input: H708RK.J]

Volumetric Localization

Roster Date Author Record
Elements within locus 1997-07-02 dns f401 (accumulation), f402 (accumulation C), f403 (accumulation C) [Input: H704DNS.J]
1997-07-03 dns f404 (accumulation) [Input: H704DNS.J]
1997-07-05 dns f405 (accumulation C) [Input: H706DNS.J]
1997-07-05 rK f406 (tannur (feature)), f407 (tannur (feature)) [Input: H706DNS.J]
1997-07-06 dns f408 (accumulation C), f409 (platform), f410 (accumulation C) [Input: H706DNS.J]
1997-07-07 rK f412 (accumulation) [Input: H708LKAL.J]
1997-07-08 rK f413 (pit), f414 (accumulation), f415 (pavement, type b), f416 (floor, type a) [Input: H708LKAL.J]
1997-07-09 dns f417 (accumulation C), f418 (wa), f419 (accumulation C), f420 (accumulation C), f421 (accumulation C) [Input: H715DNS.J]
1997-07-13 dns f422 (burial) [Input: H715DNS.J]
1997-07-14 dns f423 (accumulation C) [Input: H715DNS.J]
1997-07-15 dns f424 (wa), f425 (structure), f451 (wa) [Input: H718DNS.J]
1997-07-16 dns f452 (wa), f453 (wa), f454 (accumulation C) [Input: H718DNS.J]
1997-07-17 dns f455 (unknown), f456 (accumulation C), f457 (accumulation A) [Input: H718DNS.J]
1997-07-23 rK f458 (a1), f461 (accumulation C) [Input: H723BSH.J]
1997-07-24 bsh f467 (accumulation C) [Input: H725BSH.J]
1997-07-25 rK f472 (tannur (feature)) [Input: H725BSH.J]
1997-07-05 dns i213 (si), i214 (tag) [Input: H706DNS.J]
1997-07-06 dns i216 (cl), i217 (ca) [Input: H706DNS.J]
1997-07-08 dns i218 (clay lump) [Input: H715DNS.J]
1997-07-12 dns i221 (si), i222 (unknown), i223 (hb) [Input: H715DNS.J]
1997-07-13 dns i225 (si) [Input: H715DNS.J]
1997-07-14 dns i226 (si) [Input: H715DNS.J]
1997-07-15 dns i229 (bead), i230 (ma) [Input: H718DNS.J]
1997-07-17 dns i235 (si), i237 (si) [Input: H718DNS.J]
1997-07-21 rK i247 (ma) [Input: H725BSH.J]
1997-07-23 rk i320 (po) [Input: H725BSH.J]
1997-07-02 dns q951 (bones, pottery), q952 (bones, pottery), q953 (pottery), q954 (bones, pottery), q955 (pottery) [Input: H704DNS.J]
1997-07-03 dns q956 (bones, pottery), q957 (bones, pottery), q958 (pottery), q959 (pottery), q960 (pottery) [Input: H704DNS.J]
1997-07-05 dns q961 (bones, pottery), q962 (pl), q963 (pottery) [Input: H706DNS.J]
1997-07-06 dns q964 (bones, pottery), q965 (bones, pottery), q966 (bones, pottery), q967 (pottery), q968 (pbcl), q969 (pottery), q970 (bones, pottery) [Input: H706DNS.J]
1997-07-08 rK q972 (bones, pottery), q973 (pblc), q974 (pbl), q975 (bones, pottery), q976 (bones, pottery) [Input: H708LKAL.J]
1997-07-09 dns q977 (bones, pottery) [Input: H715DNS.J]
1997-07-08 rK q978 (pottery), q979 (bones, pottery), q980 (pottery), q981 (pvl), q982 (pottery), q983 (bones, pottery), q984 (pbc) [Input: H708LKAL.J]
1997-07-12 dns q985 (pottery), q986 (bones, pottery), q987 (bones, pottery), q988 (pottery), q989 (pottery), q990 (bones, pottery), q991 (pottery) [Input: H715DNS.J]
1997-07-13 dns q992 (pottery), q993 (pottery), q994 (pottery), q998 (bones, pottery), q999 (pottery), q1000 (bones, pottery) [Input: H715DNS.J]
1997-07-14 dns q1010 (pbvi), q1012 (pottery), q1017 (bones, items, pottery), q1018 (pottery), q1019 (pottery), q1020 (pottery), q1021 (bones, pottery), q1022 (pbl), q1023 (pottery), q1024 (pottery), q1025 (pottery), q1026 (pottery), q1027 (pottery) [Input: H715DNS.J]
1997-07-15 rK q1028 (plbv), q1029 (pottery) [Input: H718DNS.J]
1997-07-09 dns q1033 (bones, pottery), q1034 (bones, pottery), q1035 (pv), q1036 (pottery), q1037 (pottery), q1038 (pbvl) [Input: H715DNS.J]
1997-07-12 dns q1039 (bones, pottery) [Input: H715DNS.J]
1997-07-16 dns q1044 (items), q1045 (bones, pottery), q1047 (bones, pottery), q1053 (pottery) [Input: H718DNS.J]
1997-07-17 dns q1056 (plb), q1060 (pottery), q1061 (pottery), q1062 (bones, pottery) [Input: H718DNS.J]
1997-07-19 rK q1063 (pottery), q1064 (items), q1069 (bones, pottery), q1070 (bones, pottery), q1071 (bones, items, pottery), q1072 (pblv), q1073 (bones, pottery) [Input: H723BSH.J]
1997-07-20 rK q1079 (bones, pottery), q1082 (pottery), q1084 (bones, pottery), q1085 (bones, pottery) [Input: H723BSH.J]
1997-07-21 rK q1090 (plbi), q1093 (plb), q1094 (pottery) [Input: H723BSH.J]
1997-07-23 rK q1099 (pbc) [Input: H723BSH.J]
1997-07-23 bsh q1102 (pottery), q1104 (pcl), q1108 (pbl) [Input: H723BSH.J]
1997-07-23 rK q1114 (pottery) [Input: H723BSH.J]
1997-07-24 bsh q1121 (bones, pottery), q1123 (pbv), q1126 (pottery) [Input: H725BSH.J]
1997-07-25 rK q1129 (bones, pottery) [Input: H725BSH.J]
1997-07-26 rK q1139 (pottery), q1141 (bones, pottery) [Input: H728RK1.J]
Relays (applicable to elements) 1997-07-05 dns r829 (42357 36236 - 8631 / Relay location: NE) [Input: H716RK-R.J]