Unit Book A15


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Roster Date Author Record
Best image 2038-06-16 jW [Input: ZH616jW.j]



Roster Date Author Record
Description (summary) 2001-07-12 cc Third square from N, directly west of k3. [Input: L916okk2.j]



Roster Date Author Record
Daily notes about recovery of elements 2001-08-28 jlw measured elevations of portions of the well, f145. Did a limited excavation of the lining to look for a connection to the drain, f226. None found, but there is a ledge in the well that is exactly the same elevation as the closest part of the drain, which carries water from north to south. [Input: L828jlw1.j]
2003-08-18 jw Sultan and Ju'an from A14 excavated accumulation f522 which surrounds the well. It seemed very red and granular, which is typical of floors and subfloors, none of which could be identified. A number of large, flat stones were uncovered, but they were not organized horizontally or vertically. [Input: N818jw.j]
2003-08-22 jw Ramadan continued to excavate an exploratory trench f549 to the south of the E-W line of large stones f537. He on the north side of the trench he found that only the westernmost two are deeply founded, and we concluded that the others, some of which are quite large, had been robbed and reused in a later phase. On the south side of the trench, he found another deeply founded stone in a N-S line with the ones on the north side. In the process of cutting a section on the east face, he verified that the brick floor f558 discovered in k3 extended at least that far to the west. [Input: N822jw.j]
2003-08-23 jw Ramadan determined that no stones link the E-W wall f537 with the north face of a N-S wall immediately to the south (it may be a continuation of wall f563). He found that the first two stones are deeply founded on a matrix of fill and small stones about one meter below the top. In addition, he found two large stones at the lower elevation f565 that are further to the east than the corner should be and not in line with either wall, but their function is problematic. [Input: N823jw.j]
Strategy (projected or implemented) 2003-08-22 jw we will continue digging down for at least 10cm to ascertain whether the middle "gap' was occasioned by robbing or represents a doorway. [Input: N822jw.j]

Volumetric Localization

Roster Date Author Record
Elements within locus 2003-08-27 jw a40 (pit) [Input: N921jw3.j]
2001-07-23 ed f128 (accumulation), f136 (wall) [Input: ZG114jW.j]
2001-07-25 ed f145 (well), f148 (accumulation A) [Input: ZG114jW.j]
2001-08-01 ed f205 (pavement, type c) [Input: ZG114jW.j]
2001-08-26 ed f226 (installation), f227 (cut) [Input: ZG114jW.j]
2001-08-28 ed f229 (accumulation) [Input: ZG114jW.j]
2001-09-17 okk f236 (stone installation) [Input: ZG114jW.j]
2003-08-18 jw f522 (accumulation) [Input: N921jw2.j]
2003-08-19 jw f537 (wall) [Input: N921jw2.j]
2003-08-20 jw f540 (fill), f541 (cut) [Input: N921jw2.j]
2003-08-22 jw f549 (accumulation) [Input: N921jw2.j]
2003-08-23 jw f565 (pavement, type c) [Input: N921jw2.j]
2003-08-24 jw f570 (subfloor), f571 (pavement, type b), f572 (layer) [Input: N921jw2.j]
2001-08-01 ed i72 (jar), i74 (door socket) [Input: L909okk.j]
2001-07-23 dc q305 (pottery), q309 (pottery), q311 (pottery) [Input: L915okk.j]
2001-07-25 ed q359 (pottery), q364 (bones, items, pottery), q365 (bones, pottery) [Input: L915okk.j]
2001-07-26 ed q378 (pottery) [Input: L915okk.j]
2001-07-31 ed q523 (items, pottery), q526 (pottery) [Input: L915okk.j]
2001-08-01 ed q558 (pottery), q559 (pottery), q560 (bones, pottery) [Input: L915okk.j]
2001-08-26 jw q719 (pottery) [Input: L915jlw.j]
2003-08-18 ii q1188 (pottery), q1192 (bones, pottery) [Input: N920jw.j]
2003-08-20 ms q1237 (bones, pottery) [Input: N920jw1.j]
2003-08-21 ii q1246 (bones, pottery), q1251 (bones, pottery) [Input: N920jw1.j]
2003-08-22 ii q1262 (bones, pottery), q1271 (pottery) [Input: N920jw1.j]
2003-08-23 ii q1280 (bones, pottery) [Input: N920jw1.j]
2003-08-24 ii q1305 (pottery) [Input: N920jw1.j]
2003-08-25 ii q1322 (pottery) [Input: N920jw1.j]
Extension of locus or q-lot 2001-07-12 cc m2178 [Input: L916okk2.j]
Length of two sides 2001-07-12 cc 400E [Input: L916okk2.j]
2001-07-12 cc 400N [Input: L916okk2.j]


Analogical Record

Roster Date Author Record
View/drawing of locus

2001-07-28 ed [Input: ZI203jW.j]

2001-09-17 jw [Input: L918JW.J]

2003-08-24 jw [Input: ZH330jW.j]

2003-08-24 jw [Input: ZH330jW.j]

2003-08-27 jw [Input: ZH330jW.j]

2003-08-27 jw [Input: ZH330jW.j]

2003-08-27 jw [Input: ZH330jW.j]