Unit Book A15


Processed on 2024-06-30


Analogical Record

Roster Date Author Record

2003-08-29 jW [Input: A15_VWX.j]
Photo of context (v view)

2003-08-29 jw [Input: A15_VWX.j]
View/drawing of aggregate 2003-08-29 jw a34 (ceramic vessel), a58 (room) [Input: ZH330jW.j]
View/drawing of features 2003-08-29 jw f383 (accumulation), f386 (accumulation), f387 (wall), f390 (accumulation), f394 (cut), f397 (accumulation), f405 (wall), f410 (pavement, type b), f413 (wall), f418 (accumulation), f422 (accumulation), f423 (wall), f443 (accumulation), f542 (wall) [Input: ZH330jW.j]
View/drawing of locus 2003-08-29 jw k5 [Input: ZH330jW.j]
View/drawing orientation 2003-08-29 jw looking south [Input: ZH330jW.j]
Text description of view 2003-08-29 jw final photograph of locus [Input: ZH330jW.j]
Web view

2003-08-29 jw [Input: A15_VWX.j]