Unit Book A15

A15 Full data

Text portion: B. Forni - June 2023
Processed on 2024-05-09

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The full data consist of all the processed data concerning this unit book, you can download it by pressing the link at the bottom. The data is formatted as Tab-separated values, where each column contains all the information relative to a single roster code. The columns are ordered as they appear on the constituents display, the full list with descriptions is available here. The file can be opened by any spreadsheet software, the recommended one is Excel.

To open the data in Excel: first start the program, then in the tab "Data" select "From Text/CSV". Select the downloaded file called "O-DBS.csv" and load it. After a few seconds the data will be imported and be directly accessible in Excel. You can press on the arrows in the column headers on line 1 to sort or filter the data.

See also Correlations: interactive for doing the same analysis directly online, but with much fewer data.

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Note: this example is based on Excel 2019 and use the data from unit book A15.

  1. Import the data using Excel as explained above.
  2. Locate the column header (on line 1) labeled "A21" and click on the arrow icon next to it to access the filtering options.
  3. In the filter menu, select "room" to narrow down the data based on this criterion. This will refine the dataset to include only the relevant entries that are defined as room.
  4. Once the filter is applied, navigate to column header (on line 1) labeled "I3" where the phases are shown. Click on the arrow icon and select to sort from A to Z.
  5. Finally, navigate to column header (on line 1) "I1" which contains the Stratum information for the rooms. The values in this column represent the Stratum to which the rooms belong in order of phase.

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