Unit Book J4


Processed on 2023-11-19



Roster Date Author Record
Description (summary) 2010-01-22 sC General view of J04 area, in which k84 is shown, just behind k81 (the first square in the view). Since we did not took any photo of k84 before we start digging in this locus, this photo has been choose to show this locus before we start digging in the square. This photo shows the southern portion of k84. Looking S. This shows the topsoil of the southern portion of k84 (f87) and the E baulk of k84 (f53). Looking S. [Input: U122SC.j]
2010-03-20 sC this view is the same as v34 and following subviews. This view was intended to show the natural accumulation, mostly wind and waterborn, that have been exposed throughout J04 unit. These are clearly visible by looking at the N-S sections, in particular by looking at the baulk that divides the loci on the west portion of J04 unit (k71, k72, k73 and k74) from those located on the east (k61, k62, k63 and k64); the photo has been taken after we reached in all the locus the same elevation with the purpose of showing the depositional history of the J04 unit. Overhead view, looking S. [Input: U320SC3.j]


Analogical Record

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Photo of context (v view)

2022-09-10 !!! [Input: J04_VWX.j]
View/drawing of locus 2010-03-21 sC k61, k62, k63, k64, k71, k72, k73, k74, k81, k82, k92 [Input: U321SC2.j]
View/drawing range 2010-03-21 sC ov [Input: U321SC2.j]
View/drawing orientation 2010-03-21 sC looking north [Input: U321SC2.j]