Unit Book J5


Processed on 2023-12-15



Roster Date Author Record
Description (summary) 2009-03-30 jW This is a plot of three specific labels (groups of related features). Wall 1 is the lowest in elevation, and has only its top exposed. It consists of a line of cut stones, f42, and an associated escarpment, f74. Wall 2 is the westward extension of the E-W revetment wall previously found in units J1, J2, and J3. It dates to the Early Dynastic period and consists of the wall itself, f189, a N-S segment on its westward end, f186, an escarpment, f184, and a surface of large stones within the temple enclosure, f6. [Input: T330JW1.j]


Analogical Record

Roster Date Author Record

2021-10-13 !!! [Input: J05_VWX.j]
View/drawing of features 2009-03-30 jW f3 (wall), f4 (stone installation), f6 (stone installation), f41 (stone installation), f74 (glacis), f99 (stone installation), f155 (stone installation), f161 (stone installation), f184 (accumulation C), f186 (wall), f189 (wall), f199 (stone installation) [Input: T330JW1.j]
View/drawing of locus 2009-03-30 jW k1, k11, k12, k21, k22, k23, k33 [Input: T330JW1.j]
View/drawing orientation 2009-03-30 jW oh [Input: T330JW1.j]