Unit Book J5


Processed on 2023-10-21


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Category !! !! clay artifact
Best definition 2011-10-04 !! wall [Input: VX04JW.j]



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Definition 2011-10-04 jW wall [Input: VX04JW.j]
Description (summary) 2011-10-04 jW The projected path to the southeast of a now-removed revetment wall whose extant portion, f295 and f41 orginates to northwest. The outer edge of the extant portion of the NE wall abuts a stone escarpment, ^esc1, which protects the base from water damage. To the southeast the escarpment continues. However, here the excavated portion of the revetment wall, although continuous, diverges to the north to follow the alignment of the revetment wall sections excavated in units J1, J3, and J2. At the point of divergence a widening gap between the south face of the wall and the north edge of the stone escarpment begins. Also, at the point that the alignment between the revetment wall and its stone escarpment diverges, the wall construction technique changes. These data provide evidence that only the NW section of the original wall remains and that the SE section either collapsed or was removed to allow a newer section, f189, (which extends west from the eastern staircase in J2, through J5 and J1) to be built. [Input: VX04JW.j]


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Type of contact: earliest events 2011-10-04 jW z1 (wall) abuts f188 (escarpment) [Input: VX04JW.j]