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description (summary) 1999-6-26 jo E k5 [Input File: j718jo.j]
1999-6-26 jo 500cm x 500cm E k5. [Input File: zg127ms.J]

daily notes 1999-7-10 ab a15 and the floor f148 are the continuation of (contemporary) f183 and the set of tannur a 28-30, f113, f111, 143, f145 are contemporary with f182 and a27. [Input File: j718ab.j]
strategy (projected or implemented) 1999-7-04 ab we will finish the removal of k5 E baulk and we will start removing k8 N baulk. [Input File: j718ab.j]
1999-7-03 ab we will remove the E baulk of k5 and N baulk of k8, which will allow us to follow the full the W and N extent of the bricks f111, the floor f106 and f113 before digging any of them. [Input File: j718ab.j]
1999-7-05 ab we will dig into a small part of f111 to see if its function is to be a cover of any type, specially because the hole in its NW side suggests a hallow space beneath it. [Input File: j718ab.j]
1999-7-10 ab we will dig f160 and f161, then we will start removing the floor f148. [Input File: j718ab.j]
1999-7-12 ab because of the time limitation we will continue digging only to the south of f111. [Input File: j718ab.j]
1999-7-07 ab we dig f138 W of f143, f144 and remove f113. [Input File: j718ab.j]
1999-7-08 ab we will remove part of f143 to follow the floor f148 and to see if there is any continuation of f148 beneath f111. [Input File: j718ab.j]

Volumetric Localization
length of two sides 1999-6-26 jo N-S500 [Input File: j718jo.j]
1999-6-26 jo E-W500 [Input File: j718jo.j]