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Category 2007-7-18!! installations
Definition 2007-7-18pC installation
Best image 2007-7-18 pC


Description 2007-7-18pC The stone formations or stone groupings f27, f24, f26 in k4, k5 and k14, in front of the apron, probably belong to the same period, being also at the same elevation (ca @9160). The soil just immediately above or surrounding the stones in k4 is f22, in k5 it is f16 and in k14 it is f15.

Volumetric localization
Locus 2007-7-18pC k14
2007-7-18pC k4
2007-7-18pC k5

Spatial aggregation
Nature 2007-7-18pC this area is the result of human activity, when probably was not anymore used as a sacral area at the end of the Mittani time, being the monumental access almost covered by natural accumulations.
Feature within aggregate 2007-7-18pC f26, f27, f24, f17, f16, f22

M99.NFunct 2007-7-18pC While these stones do not seem to form a coherent structure, they clearly are the result of human activity. They are located underneath and mixed with soil deposition that seems like natural accumulation.

Analogical record
Photo of view