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Label equals another 2009-8-17cJC ^mnacs
Category 2007-7-18!! unknown
Definition 2007-7-18pC structure

Description 2007-7-18pC the monumental stone acces to the temple BA which is composed by the apron f131, the staircase f130, the walls east f129 and west f127 that enclose the stepped structure f130, f131.

Volumetric localization
Locus 2007-7-18pC k100
2007-7-18pC k12
2007-7-18pC k13
2007-7-18pC k2
2007-7-18pC k3
2007-7-18pC k4

Spatial aggregation
Nature 2007-7-18pC all these elements show a similar masonry and are the one in function of the other and all built the monumental access to the temple terrace and the temple
Feature within aggregate 2007-7-18pC f127, f128, f129, f130, f131, f132

Time sequencing
I99.NTime 2007-7-18pC these structure belong to the same building phase and were used in the same time, except for the second apron f132

M99.NFunct 2007-7-18pC the staircase f130 is the access to the temple terrace and its Temple, while its steps are lower, instead the steps of the apron are too high to be a staircase: is probably a monumentalization of the staircase or it could have the function of a theater, were people sit and look down a performance in the plaza. Walls f127 and f129 have the function of bounding and framing the monumental access; stone revetment wall f128 enclose the terrace to the South: it revert the terrace. f132 is the second apron and is a later building when the apron was half covered by accumulations.